Sunday, February 1, 2009

Does anyone out there have a life for sale?

As I awoke this morning, before even raising my head off the pillow this thought came to me, Poof, here it is. As I had the thoughts running through my mind, it was like I could hear the voices saying "GET a LIFE". Then I thought to myself, (I have a lifffeeeee).
Then there's been the times when I have been in game rooms here online and see people who would come in, just to cause trouble. That was their life, their purpose. I know what you're thinking, what kind of life do you have? ( umm) I cant really answer that at the moment, but give me to the end of this blog and I may be able to answer that question. But lets start by tearing apart the quote "Get a life" to start.
Get a Life:
Let's define this quote, ( Get )-a verb indicating that somebody, obtains, receives, earns, or is given something. It is often used instead of more formal terms such as "obtain" or "acquire." Gain possession of.
And ( A ) I guess its only used as the first letter in the alphabet, but as we or anyone who talks, writes, and reads, (A) " n " pl- shows up in any of the speech sounds that letter represents as in English. So as i see it A only means to bring out meaning in certain speech sound when reading, writing, or speaking, talking.
Definition of the word ( Life ) human existence , existence in a physical world, living individual. Life constitutes a philosophical question concerning the purpose and signficant human existence. The concept can be expressed through a variety of related questions, such as Why are we here?, What's life all about? and What is the meaning of it all?. It has been the subject of much philosophical scientific, and theological speculation throughout history and there have been a large number of answers from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds.
Get a Life- to do something to improve your situation or change your lifestyle for the better. (slang)
As we go back to the beginning of this blog, the Heading says, Does anyone out there have a Life for sale? I guess to figure out whether you have a life or not revolves around a lot of questions. What do I do when I first wake in the morning? What do you do with the next 8 hours while your kids are at school? ( IF YOU HAVE KIDS.) Now we've only asked through the first 8 hours of your day. What about the next 16 hours? Well there's supper to be cooked, laundry to wash, clothes to put away. Baths to take, get the kids ready for bed ( IF YOU HAVE KIDS). Wow and you do all that in 12 long hours. And your response will probably be, "12 long hours my (Bleep), man put your feet in my shoes that was a lot of (Bleeping) work".
"Plus, I do have a job ya know?"
"Wow, didn't know that".
"Yep sure do".
"Well may I ask what your job is"?
"None of your bleeping business".
"Oh, I'm so sorry didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. I didn't know you were a Bird".
"Huh a bird, are you trying to start *+*+ with me now?"
"No, all I did was ask you a question".
"No ya didn't, you called me a bird, I'm insulted, you'll be sorry for that. I'll be back later with some friends and we'll kick your +*+".
"Ok, I'll be waiting". Man with an attitude like that you can see what she does with the last 12 hours of your day. Wonder if she ever sleeps?
Have any of you ever seen such a thing? You know the internet is one of largest gathering places, this side of porn sites, woowoo did I say porn( just kidding). That's bigger than E-bay, E-harmony,,, and Meet a married woman in your town tonight for, (how inviting). Have you seen some of the pictures they show you, (meet a Heck most don't even look old enough to be married, and if you don't believe me, check it out the next time you're in MySpace. Well we all know what E-bay and MySpace are.. But the last 4 I mentioned are to meet the right person for your life. Hmm, well porn is porn and it's purely evil i guess, lol, (not trying to start no fights on here ok ,Duh). The internet is even bigger than, bigger than, uh bigger than, well hell spit it out already, Ok Ok, bigger than Old Al Gore.
See the internet was invented to corrupt the minds of the best of men and women, boys and girls. If you don't like what ya got or have, you can find whatever you need or want. Don't forget we're still talking about: Does anyone have a life for sale out there?
By the way how many of you use the internet? Raise your hand, now come on be truthful, aren't you reading this at this very moment? On what other than The I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T. Ha ha. Ya'll didn't know I was watching did ya? I think I'm going to go to the Microsoft help page and put in a REQUEST for a counter big enough to see how many people are on here a day. I know they keep up with it. But place it on your web start-up page so we'll know, and add the feature that counts how many times a day your friends off your friends list are online and doing what. Pretty kewl idea, dont ya think?

Now back, it's really no ones business what you do with your life. It's no ones business what you do online. If you want to buy something, hell, buy it. If there is something missing in your life seek it. If your looking for love so be it. But let it be known, that not everyone who says they are looking for their soul mate in an online game room, chat room, poker room or even other means is. Doesn't necessarily mean you'll find true love or happiness, it just won't happen, sorry. But you do have the right to stand up for yourself, without foul language, fitful tirades and such. Unless that's the only way you can express yourself. I guess that the reason that the thought came to me was because when I opened my eyes and looked at the clock it showed 12;00, and I thought I had slept Sunday away, missed the superbowl and the 2 person superbowl party me and my wife were gonna have. Ok, I was gonna have. Talk about a life, I have a doozy, Nottttt.
So let's go back to the fight your gonna have with the dude who called you a Bird. Dang, was I in my favorite room, or was I in one of the other rooms I frequent causing hell for people, humm let me IM Janie to see which room I told her. "Janie, hurry I need the room name were all gonna go kick some dude's *+* for calling me a bird. Oh, ok, you're sure it was the Buzzards Nest?"
"Yep, sure is will be there in a sec."
" Boy ain't you a humdinger?
"What did you say to me?"
"Yes you did. You said I had a dinger."
" Oh brother, never mind".
"Now your calling me a man!"

I have been in online chat rooms, game rooms, journeyed through the ya-hell rooms, played in Winster, Pogo, every free online poker room you can name, and still can't remember all of them. I have seen the smart assed people, the sick, people who are there just to have fun. Oh yea, I've seen it all. So set back and watch the chat the next time you are there. Most of the time it's just like watching Comedy Central or Last Comic Standing. There are those who come in a room to start trouble, which by the way was someone's friend before they turned on them because Mary said this about her, and she said this about You. Chances are the guy or gal whom they are fighting with doesn't have a life either.
Well getting to the end of this book, some one is looking for something, others are looking for more. Some are found on E-bay, some will be at E-harmony, lots on a porn site. MySpace is a blast, you can talk, add friends, delete friends, use friends, did i mention add them again, delete friends again. On the world wide web you can lose, more than you'll ever gain. So the moral to this blog is: Stand up look around. Is there house work to be done, yep but ain't getting done, walk over and open the door. Look outside, is the grass mowed, truck washed, trees trimmed? Nope. Well chances are the grass ain't gonna get done, the tree won't be trimmed, as for the truck getting washed, who cares?
The early indications of having no life are not hard to determine.
The next time a family member, friend, or complete stranger, tells you that you have to much time on your hands, proudly say, Thank you. If you spend more time shopping online than a dept. store or Walmart, if you spend more time looking at porn than making love to your wife (or girl friend), or spend more time playing games such as pogo, myspace, online poker, ect, than you sleep, then yea they are right. But when it really gets bad is when you have nothing more to do than start fights on the internet in game rooms, threatening to kick someone's "virtual a**", then, IT'S not that you have to much time on your hands.
This is the true meaning of YOU HAVE NO LIFE.

Ya know, there are only so many day's in a year, week's in a month, hours in a day. Life is short. WE only have so much time to accomplish things in our lives. What do you want to be remembered for in life?

NOW THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS BLOG, AND IT SEEMS I KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT IT, game rooms, porn rooms, E-bay, She-may, He-may, I-may, E-harma-nay, I know so much cuz I am an authority of this crap. Helpppp, I need a life, where can I get a life? I know so much, but after all this research, lol, I still have found no place to get a life.
Is there a place on here where I can get one?

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