Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saying Thank You just isn't enough.

As I grew up in what was once a small town in Texas. There was something I always wanted to be. A dream that fell by the way. I think back to the days of old, I have flash backs of what it might of been like to be there with them. You know some gave some, and some gave all. And not one thing should ever be said bad of them no matter what race or gender. Like I said, some gave some, some gave all. I have never opened up one of my blogs for discussion before and I really want to open this one up so please feel free to comment.
We are supposed to be a nation, a country which stands for something other than our own needs. A country which our young and old alike have stood for down through the annals of time. It's not about red, yellow, black or white any more. And no matter what I think I am just one voice out of millions, a voice that will never be heard or a body that will never be seen. My dream again I say fell by the way. They say that when children are young, they dream and think of what they want to be when they grow up. Some want to be policemen, some firemen, others, Doctors and some big time lawyers, not bad dreams for being so young. But I don't want to stray to far from the title. Saying Thank you just isn't enough. We are a nation of many but deep down a nation of one. As it looks right now, the way things are, if America finishes falling, we all fall, no matter race, gender, origin or religion.
Some gave some, some gave all. Saying thank you just isn't enough. My grandfather served in the Army in Germany, Korea and a short term in Nam, and lived to tell about. My Dad also served in the Army in Korea and Nam and Germany. He finished his tour in the Army and then finished his career in the Air force. Thanks Dad and Pops for serving, keeping America and other countries safe from aggression and the aggressors. For thousand of years battles and wars have occurred seemingly one right after another. And as long as there are humans running things, there will continue to be wars. Remember that the Word of God says one thing and One thing Very loudly, that when they begin (meaning the world begins) to say there is peace and safety, the Bible says, then there will come sudden destruction. Mr. President Obama, Mr. Secretary of State Clinton, (and I said Mr., not joking in stating it she would rather be a man, we've already had 8 years of her as president)sorry but it takes more than a village to raise a child. And to every other leader under the sun, moon and stars, keep pushing for peace and we'll all get to go home soon.
And as I said, some gave some, some gave all. Saying thank you just isn't enough. My dream as a child was to be one of the best. And what I'm about to say is nothing to down grade any of our service men, whether they are the Army, Navy, Air force, Coast guard or any branch of the national guards that serve to protect our freedom and freedom of others, our Sovereignty. Thank you, I know its not enough. I myself wanted to be a Marine, a jar head, I wanted to be one of the few, the proud, the Marines known for being the first in and the last out. And at that time if they would have taken me, not saying I could have seen into the future back then, I would have given my all for the Corp. I could of gone Army, I could have probably gone navy, but I didn't want to be either of those, for me it was Marines or none and the Marines wouldn't take me, #1 my eyes were to bad and nerves were shot, and I had no diploma. I think that if you can carry a gun, hoist a rifle, shoot and hit a target, (supposedly the enemy) that ought to be good enough to serve.
Peeps I didn't write this article or blog to be about me. It's to all the Proud men and women, young boys and every girl that has ever stood up for the Red, White, and Blue. The U.S. of A. that took and takes that oath to serve and protect, not only this great country but interests abroad, where diplomacy and democracy may have a chance to be a way of life. We salute you from the bottom to the top of our hearts. I say Thank You even though it will never ever be enough. Lord as I write this blog, I ask you to look down upon every service person, men and women, young and old and Bless them for serving our great country.
I could sit here all night long and blab on and on, and I must repeat it again, some gave some, some gave all, but saying Thank You will never ever be enough.

God please Bless America again, just the way you did back then, Lord, keep your hand I ask upon all the service men and women here and abroad. Lord and thank you for being Our GOD. We Praise and Thank you (and thank you will never be enough).


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  1. I wish as I am sure many do. For peace everywhere. I don't understand all the wars and don't care too. As far as I am concerned everyone in this world should be praying for everywhere there needs to be peace among us all.