Friday, January 30, 2009

IF patience ain't easy does permissible make it easier?

Hello its me, asking another question, as usual. Today's question is, if patience ain't easy, then does permissible make it easier? Being patient is a very tall order to hold, especially if your the type of person that has to have everything right then. To be patient one must be able to tolerate, keep one's composure, be cool, calm and collected. How many of us out there doesn't have the patience God gave a donkey? Are you and I the same type of person that can wait for something calmly, for instance ( lunch, dinner, or supper) ,wait, wait,and wait some more, then all of a sudden ask, not what's for supper, but when the hell is supper? Then get angry because it wasn't fixed like 10 minutes ago. I try and be patient, knowing that a woman, is the lesser of us men, and don't think as fast lol, but dang, Hello wake up over there already, cant you hear the roaring in my stomach shaking the speaker's off your desk? Hey having patience ain't easy. Remember while your sitting over there you ain't married to a patient person, which keeps me in trouble all the time. (it's your fault I have no patience ha ha). Heck if you really want to talk patience, consider the bunny in the Nestle's Quick commercial, my hero, just a little humor to keep it from getting dull in here.

When it comes to patience, there are many definitions to the word, its mind boggling. But what about after you finally had your supper, and the roaring is gone, what then? It's like receiving from God the words for a sermon, I prefer calling it a message for the congregation, and your having to get a point across. God may put in your mind to use a Dictionary to look up a word such as (Encamp), which means -(to set up camp). You see, back in the day, when there were no armored tanks, machine guns, guns, B-52s, or even stealth fight planes, God would fight along with Israel, when they would be patient (and listen) for His mighty voice. You see, even Israel had a problem with patience. But now back to the word (encamp). Israel was going out to battle and it was to be a great battle, and as Israel began to prepare for that battle, God spoke unto the soldiers of Israel and said, (that when) you begin to hear the fluttering of the Angel's wings that are encamped around you (that are camped) , and hear the shaking of the leaves in the tops of the trees, you will know that the victory is yours and that I am with you. See when God said (that when) you hear, they had to be patient until they heard the fluttering of angels wings. Oh how sweet it is.

Let me leave this line before I move on, never, never, never Pray for patience. With praying for patience come many, many,many trialsssssssss.

Patience in every day life isn't the same as it is in Your Christian life. And I say that because at your house you might get mad and throw the remote across the room, kick the old lady or slap the dog and get away with. But with God He'll knock ya down, been there done that. When seeking and asking God for things in prayer be patient in knowing 2 things, God hears your prayers, and He truly knows what you need. Jesus said, "I will never leave you or forsake you, I am with you to the end and beyond". As a Preacher of 22 years, I have heard the prayers from the prayer lines. And, even today, I will not mention any names, but hearing the very request brought before The Almighty, some needing financial help, prayers for help paying their bills, health, spiritual blessings and I could sit here tonight and go on and on and on, but must move on. Knowing what the prayers are for, and going down on our knees, praying Lord God bless these children and right before God could come through, the Child of God just poof gives up. As a Child of God one must realize, it's not when we want it, it's when God sees that we need it. Jesus said, "My yoke is easy and my burdens are light", meaning that if you pick up and follow him that when in need He'll be there indeed, and the latter part of the quote, He will never put on you more than you can bare. When you've reached the end of that road and the relief hasn't come just wait a little longer. God is true to answer, remember His time not ours.

Permissible, sounds like a pretty nice word. And to a lot it probably is. There are 2 wills, there's the will of God, then there is the permissible will of God. The will of God is to know Your God and that you can have a relationship with him through His Son Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour. That once you have made that commitment to follow Christ and His word,His ways, then there should not be anything in your life, that you should need that God being a true and just God, keeper of His word, will provide for you. Then you have a different type of people, who even I can't figure out who they are, or what they're called, Lord help me. They come before the Lord and ask God, give me a nice house to rent that is affordable that I may raise my family and get on my feet, and Lord I need a dependable vehicle that I can get around, dependable to get to work, to the store for groceries, that my family may eat, and just a little better job. And after God, seeing the sincerity of their hearts, grants them their prayer, now they're praising the Lord, happier than a pig in slop. Then before you know it here they are again. I'm not God but I wonder if He ever shakes His head at us nuts. Here they are back and it ain't been maybe about 2 to 6 months maybe less, and this time their demanding, more or less, hello Lord, remember me, a little time back I ask you for a few things and you gave them to me, now I'm back because I want the bigger and better things. I know I'll get them. Yea, and one way or the other they will. God this time I want to buy a 4 bedroom house on 2 acres of land, and You know that 76 bean er burner You gave me to drive, well now I want a brand new caddie, color don't matter as long as it's a caddie. And now about that crappy dollar more an hour job, I deserve better. Wow this cat's bold talking to the Man like that! Well here we go.

The Brother that prayed for the house to rent, a dependable car to drive, food for his family, and the better job, well it seems to me that he had the will of God in his life and God provided his needs. It is not until he began to think that he was bigger than God that he tended to start demanding rather than praying and asking. When he began to command instead of asking, and said those 5 big words. (I know I'll get them), yea he will get what he wants because God had already given him what he asked for and needed. He (God) seen it in His will, that the brother was sincere and that he was in need. So NOW God will say, OK, have at it, you'll get what you want. This being the "permissible" will of God.

Well what I am getting at in this book I've set here and written is that: Patience in our everyday life, we should work on to improve daily. Learning to wait, wait, and wait some more, because we can't have our way all the time. And once, if you do decide to ever turn your life over to Him, will you wait on God or will you take things into your own hands?

See learning patience isn't all that bad as it works out you'll get the finer things than being permissible, being permissible you get what you want and not necessarily what you need.


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