Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm a pepper, be a pepper, drink Dr Pepper

This is my first blog ,so i hope you all will be patient with me. I' m not a pro, and this is my first speaking to the world. i chose this topic because i read an article online in the business section, about Dr Pepper had lost its fizz. Well as a kid growing in Texas, soda wasn't a hot commodity in our house, heck if it wasn't a Lone Star or Falstaff beer, it was water if you were thirsty. Not that there was any alchoholics in our house. It wasn't until my late teens that i can ever remember knowing what soda water was as hard as that my seem, lol and no I had no sheltered life far from it. In the world there are hundreds even thousands of soft drinks on store shelves, in convenient store vaults, its not hard to see how anything could lose it's fizz. It's not hard to figure out who the leaders and followers are. Dr pepper hasn't lost it fizz, just it's leadership.

In 1885 Dr Pepper was founded in Waco Texas, by a pharmacist named Charles Alderton. working in a small store. I've heard Dr Pepper (dp) referred to as prune juice, how funny, its made of fruit but their not telling whats in it. According to the history of the taste, it is made up of 23 different fruit flavors: not even an ounce of prunes in it! By 1891 there was such a high demand for the syrup, they couldn't keep a supply of it.( pst pst) - by the way dp came to fruition because a pharmacist liked the way the store smelled, (presumably the mixture of fruit smells). One can sit back and wonder, if this fella had any idea how big the name or brand of Dr pepper would still be some 124 years later. Dp or Dr pepper has a unique taste, one of a kind, can't mistake it in a blind taste test, totally a taste of it own.

So how many of you out there have never drank a Dr pepper? Ahh, don't be afraid to raise your hand no one's looking. Well dp isn't the only soda out there just one of the best (author's opinion). Lets see now there is Coca cola, Pepsi, and then there's off brand and store brand cola's. Yeah I can see how Dp pepper could have lost some fizz, but never the flavor.

W hen it comes down to the business side of selling a product such as Dr pepper, it can be a little sticky, it take resources , money, smart people in place, advertising. HECK, look at coca cola and pepsi, coke was invented in 1886 shortly after Dr pepper. Pepsi was invented in 1875, but didn't begin to sell till 1898. Coke and pepsi have always had the upper edge in the soft drink business, created by 3 different pharmacists, in 3 different states in the U.S.A . I can see why when i look back at all the commericals back in the 40's and 50's. The jitterbug days they seem to be able to dance forever, were they high or not? lol.

Sure they can say you've lost you fizz, when your not even classified as a cola. Dr Pepper is called the uncola, right along with 7-up, sprite, mist, and countless others. In a race with the big dogs such as coke and pepsi: dr pepper is a billion dollar or more industry. I see no one staying up with them financially, just won't happen, hasn't in 124 years, aint happening tomorrow. Advertising may help sell a product, but the product itself is what continues to sell.

When i begin to associate things together such as coke, pepsi or dr pepper; I want a crown an coke; if i want a sugar rush, I'd want pepsi, because it does not have a lot of carbonation, more of a flat sugary taste. But when i want a pick me upper, there's that great taste of Dr pepper, it won't slow ya down as some of the slogans say, it's originality, that at 10- 2 and 4, its just what the Dr .ordered, (but if I'm next to broke I'd buy off brands) LOL.

So I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, come on be a pepper to.


If you are ever looking for somewhere to go on vacation, why not try Waco, Texas the home of Dr. Pepper. Call the Chamber of Commerce for museum times and location. Then if you still have time take in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, the Waco Zoo, golfing, one of the many fine restaraunts and of course historical homes. Then if you still have more time, if you are there on a warm September night drive 35 miles South of Waco to my home town, Temple Texas and watch the mighty Temple Wildcats play football and have a pepper :) You'll be glad you did.
p.s. the game starts at 7:30 and ends around 10:00 but you can always get a pepper.

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