Monday, January 26, 2009

What should you do, versus, What would Jesus do

Long ago I heard a song ,that has stuck in my heart and mind for all these years, (What Would You Do if Jesus Came to Your House)? If you recognize the song you'll probably know about how old I am. Thinking back to about the time the song was recorded in 1956, its kinda hard to know what the days were like back then, at the time the song hit the top 10 on the country gospel charts. A song so smooth yet so strong, it should make the mightiest of men to the weakest fall on their knees and pray. What would you do if Jesus came to your house to spend a day or two? Can we honestly say at this very moment that our house is in order? If He was to knock on our door at this very minute, would we peek out to see who it was and have to say, wait a moment I'll be right there? Or would we be able at that very moment greatly excited, full of joy and happiness , to say to our Saviour do come in?

So many times we get wrapped up so far into things we're wanting to do, we never have the time to think of things such as these. Life is short, the word of GOD says that the days of men are numbered (women also), that the next breath we take could be our last. We have no promise of tomorrow. Do you ever take the time to talk to GOD? Most would say yes to the question, which is great. Yeah, I pray for this, I pray for that, matter of fact I just got through praying for Bro. Bob and Sister Shirley, just a few minutes ago. I prayed for the people of the world, our President, my church, and my friend's dog, also my family. That is great also, the Bible says pray without ceasing, constantly let there be praise coming from your mouth, your being. But wait you forgot to do 1 thing, 1 thing that is as important as the rest, did you take the time to pray for yourself, your well being, and where you stand with God?

Some may at this time, be thinking what has this to do with if Jesus came to your house? WWJD verses wsyd? Is your house in order? The first thing so many times people thinks this is in reference to the earthly home in which you dwell, but what about the house where the Spirit or Holy Ghost dwells? As we run around in our every day home, we clean, we sweep, we mop, and make sure the dishes are done, rush, rush, rush. Wow, after all that I can see why we have no time to do anything else. We're to dizzy to do anything for a while, so we sit down and we are through for the day. Again I ask, what about the house the Spirit dwells in?
Have you today made time to clean it out? Have you taken the time today to ask God to remove the trash your mind's accumulated while watching that vain empty smut filled movie you watched last night? Have you taken the time today to say to God, wipe the filth from mine eyes? Have you today asked God to remove the tarnish from thine heart for listening and laughing at the sad and tasteless joke that made you laugh? Did you ask Jesus to cleanse you with hyssop's a very expensive ointment?

Brother and Sister, when it comes to WWJD verses wsyd, we lose hands down. The word of God tell us that we must strive for perfection. What does perfection mean? Well let's see, (perfection is a state of being without flaw or defect). Jesus is without defect and flaw. Only 1 time did He lose His temper, that was when they made His Father's house a den of thieves and robbers. He got angry the Word said, but sinned not. But He was forgiven of that, the very night He went into the garden, knowing the day was near, knelt on His knees wept and prayed so hard that his sweat turned to blood. If that's not love, We need to find time in our everyday life to set our houses in order, so if that day should come, that Jesus shows up at our door without warning, unexpectedly, we won't have to run hide the magazines and put out the Bible, or even change the channel. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life, I'm just trying to get you to see, how we should be , if that moment should happen to you or me. That Jesus shows up at our doorstep.

Do you start your morning by rolling off the side of your bed , starting your day with a prayer? If ya didn't, don't feel bad, most don't. It has been brought to my attention from people, (Christians --- children of God), that starting their day with a prayer had helped and helps them make it through the wicked day they face before them. Do you start your day with a cup of coffee and breakfast, before you do anything else? Have you really looked around your house , to see if your house is Christ like, Christ suitable? Are there more books and magazines laying around than there are Bibles? Is your TV set on Good Morning Oklahoma or is it still showing HBO or Showtime, no holds barred smut? Did you say before all this, good morning God the Father, I love You and cherish You, help me to except this day and whatever that may come my way?

Well, Jesus is at this very moment preparing His home for you. He doesn't have to put away the books or magazines, He doesn't even have to turn the channel, He doesn't have to clean, sweep, or mop because in His house all thing are cleansed and well.

What would Jesus do? He'll be waiting on you at the door with open arm's , waiting for that 1 call, that 1 prayer, as you start your day. He's been there for you even though, you cannot see Him, you cannot feel Him, He's there waiting, (WWJD? He'll do His part).wswd (our part) God's will should be our will but our will is NOT God's will. We can't be Christ but we can be Christ like.

I'm not a great author of this, or the word of God, I just hope that some of the things I write in these blogs will help someone. Maybe someone that is broken, tired and worn. Just a little something to pick them up when their down and out. WWJD? Now what will you do? For Jesus truly is the Word, the Way, and theLife.

Today, I truly hope this blog touched someone's heart.

You know the word of GOD says that no man can come to the Father less the Spirit of God draws him. We must always remember that there are two spirits in the world, the Spirit of God and the spirit of satan. Be not deceived, not everything that is done in the church, is done of GOD. Beware there are many wolves in sheep's clothing. Pray and seek, if you feel the Lord tugging at your heart's door kneel and pray to the Father to forgive you, your sins. He is true to forgive. Then seek a church in which you believe God is leading you to. Choose not the first church that is beautiful, has beautiful words and eloquent speechs. Choose to let God lead you, lead not you yourself.

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