Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What about the little people,

As we begin to think about this article, we thought of how this could head in probably 20 different directions. We could talk on one subject for days, and never tell the end of the story. We could talk about the children, the homeless, the poor, lower class, and even the middle class of America and get admonished for doing so, well I say, so be it. What have we to lose, our lives for speaking up?

We live in a fast paced world, at a fast paced speed. Blink your eyes once and you've been passed, forced into the slow lane and no one's moving over. It seems that once the title as the little people is placed on you, it's a tag you'll never lose. Jesus once said, "the poor will always be among you". The Old Testament writer's wrote that it was the families responsibility to care for their sick, their family, their poor. That was over 3000 years or more ago when that was written. Things change but the Word of God does not change. Jesus once said about the laws of His Father that He laid down for an often backsliding Israel. Jesus said, "I come not to do away with the Law of My Father but to add too". Now those very words will hit a sour note with a lot of people, sinners and Christians alike. But to know the word, is to read the word, study the word, and God will reveal the word.

What about the little people who've been left behind, no where to go, no where to turn? What is to be done? First put not your trust in man, men are only human and subject to failure. We are to help our own poor, and sick, but what do we do when we can help no more, where do we turn? First to family, but not to drag them down beyond rescue. Second the Church. Thirdly to the government. Yeah, I know what government? Which opens up another big can of worms . The Church, wow now I'm nervous, talking about the Church and it's part in helping those in need. As far back as I can remember in the Bible, from the times of the days of the Priest and tabernacle, it was a commandment that all should bring a tenth of all they had, into the tabernacle, whether it be, monetary, sheep, goats, cattle, corn, wheat and so on. That the Priest would not have to work, but be set side for the care of the tabernacle with help of priests in learning, to be free to perform the daily sacrifices, free to hear God's word to bring forth to the congregation, and to help those in need. The commandment is still alive today, even though many believe that when Jesus came He did away with it. What a pity. Remember Jesus said, "I came not to take away but to add too"? That's pretty plain. It is also said in the New Testament, will a man rob God, of what, thine tithes and offering? We do live it a different time. Fast cars, hi-tech this, hi-tech that, the day of planting and growing are just about over. Famine, pestilence, drought, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, changing in the seasons, seasons running together, these are just a few of the "signs". And yes, Jesus did say, "Render unto caesar, what is caesar's and unto God what is God's". We owe God his tenth, still.

But there are some sad stories that go along with those churches who help the needy, poor and homeless, hungry and sick. A Pastor told the story one Sunday morning. He was out mowing the Church grounds, and looked up to see a young man, get out of his car, grab a gas can and walk up to him and said his car was out of gas. He reached into his own pocket and gave the young man, I believe, a $20 dollar bill. The young man even told the Pastor may God bless you sir, however, as the young man was leaving the pastor noticed the man got into his car and drove off! I guess that if a person will rip off a Man of God, they'll rip off the House of God. The way things are today, no stability anywhere. With the economy, stock market, jobs, health insurance out the roof, no heath insurance at all, where do the little people go, what about the little people?

Only one last resort, the Government. Now this is tough, where do we start? For as long as i can remember, and I'm 50 years old now, I have watched television over, and over, and over again, watching people, movie stars, Unicef, Feed the children, organization after organization, ask for food, money, and donations. Showing pictures of little rhaul an Ethopian refugee, or little Mamie who probably won't see tomorrow if she doesnt get help, and for $3.00 a week she'll be able to eat, and we'll even send you a picture so you'll know who you're sponsoring. I am NOT in any way, shape, or form putting down any of these children or organizations, but lets take a trip down some of the streets of America. Let's start on the streets of New York, journey on down through Florida, back across to Texas, on over to California, up to Washington State, and back across every state that makes up the Continental United States. We have our poor, our sick, our homeless, our little people. And if we need a picture before we can even help our little people, go to a morgue, go to the police station, go to the Department of Human Resources, they'll be glad to show you a picture of a person who needs or needed our help, if we really want to help and do something.

Now for the Government. Hello Government, we (America) neeeeeed your help! You have the treasury cranking out billions, upon billions of dollars a day. Wow, what you gonna do with all that money Sir? You gonna give it to help our homeless, our children, our poor, our sick and hungry? You gonna build the homeless a home? You gonna help our children and families with health care? You gonna help our sick and hungry with food, shelter, gas, water and lights, that you wouldn't regulate, so it would be affordable? Probably not. You'll continue to send billions to Iraq, to rebuild it even though they said they didn't need our help, and very little will be for our troops. You continue to send billions to Afghanistan to fight Alqueda, Ben Laden, and the Taliban. Even continue to sell weapons to rogue countries that can't stand us, then turn those very weapons on us, killing our innocent. It's time to hold our elected officials accountable, from the President, Congressmen, Senators, and governors on down the line. Do what you were elected to do. America comes first and foremost, all the others are extra. Help America first, then help every other country to your hearts desire.

GOD bless Israel.

To all the little people who need help, there's coming a day, in the near future when our eternal help will come, a day when every eye shall see and every knee shall bow. A day that will be so powerful, that the earth will tremble, the buildings will fall. A day when every powerful, rich, wealthy, from one end of earth to the next, east to west, north to south, shall cry out from His triumphant entry, with ten thousands of angel by His side, "Oh let the stones fall on us, hide us from His presence".

Little People, there is hope, our day's a coming, and nothing will be as it was. No more tears, no more poor, homeless, sick or hungry. Let all the little people Praise the Lord.


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