Sunday, February 1, 2009

How about a happy me day.

Hello Everyone it's the anything goes Dude, again, here to bring you another off the wall blog posting, yea, yea. I know. As we begin to get started on this I was thinking, we have a day for everything and everyone. We have Arbor day, Martin Luther King Jr. day, probably in the future a Barack Obama day, Valentines Day, Presidents day, Johnny Appleseed's day, St. Patrick's Day, then we have Dr's Day, Pet owner's day, Earth day, Goose day, Mother's day, Kite day, Circus day, theres A Power of smile day, Father's day, First day of summer day, there's Independence day, Flag day, we have Picnic day, Moon day, Bert's day, there is Parent's day, National watermelon day, National Friendship day, Roller coaster day, National Aviation day,
we also have Labor day, National Grandparent's day, First day of fall day, Columbus day, Farmer's day, there is also a Sandwich day, a Hug a bear day, Thanksgiving day, Wright brother's day, First day of winter, and Christmas day, Dang i'm tired now, and there is still Memorial day,Veterans day, and New years day.
This is all I could find and there's probably more. But that's 40 days out of the year and 41 if you count the future Barack Obama day. I was sitting here thinking humm wow thats 40 days, and we only recognize 9 of them. That's a waste of days. We celebrate Flag day,Columbus day. Independence day. Labor day, Memorial day,Veteran's day, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, New years day. Why can't we petition the President to add a few more of these off the wall days to national holidays?

I just don't think that 9 days out of 365, is enough time to recuperate after a hard year of work. Ok, ok, some get more days off around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But then not everyone does. A few more days off a year with pay, wouldn't hurt. I don't think anyone's gonna complain about having a few more day to themselves a year with pay. If you don't agree, raise your hand, and and we'll slap the dung outta ya. If we could get the President to make more holidays, say make Valentine's day a paid day of leave, I'd be willing to buy a $5.00 heart shaped box of chocolates for the wife that day. And I know we all will go for St. paddies day off, who wouldn't want a paid day to drink green beer all day long? Wow, here's a good one even the Prez's wife will go for this one, Hug a bear day, get it, lol. Heck even I will go for this one myself, Hug a bear day, it'll probably be the only hug I get a year.
See I ain't and never will complain about our National days off, esp Thanksgiving and Christmas that has to do with giving Thanks to the Most High God. But, being a human being as I am, I know that there's people out there who will agree, that we need more paid days off. There are jobs that give you the day off, even pay you for the day on your birthday, and even pay you extra if you come on in to work.
So, Mr President, we need your help, (if you want to, take a day off tomorrow with pay, to consider our petitions), you know the days we have off, we're not asking for the moon and stars, just a few more days (With) pay. Now we're not trying to be greedy, Sir. But we only brought before you 3 more days, but wait, to show the American people that your a good Guy, 12 days aren't that many either, why not give us all 40 and add 2 more. Go ahead and make the Barack Obama day to go with the other 40 with pay, and call these days Giving Back to the People Days.

How about one other suggestion to consider. You know the sick days and vacation days and all the days we just asked for with pay. WE'LL trade ya all of them for our choice of days of our own with pay, and we want to to call them, Happy Me Days. I know it sounds funny as all get-out. We want you to know it has only one catch. Happy me days will only be for the Working class people, not You, not the Employer, just us, and it will be any days we choose to take off, with pay, without having to answer, or repercussions. Now Mr President, the balls in you court, how will you play it. It will help you in the polls with your popularity. So take the day off tomorrow, and have fun, with pay, and we'll be waiting to hear back from you.

Yours truly, The working class of America

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