Sunday, February 8, 2009

You asked

Jesus is coming, can't you feel it in the air
Jesus is coming, can't you see it everywhere
When people ask and others pray,
God is just, He'll give you your way.
You ask for a leader to lead you the way,
Oh people, Oh people now you must pay.

With eloquent speeches, and beautiful words
he planted a scheme, that no one heard.
you all wanted change in which you will get,
so when change doth come, you can't throw a fit.
Oh yes, Oh yes the day will come,
You'll pray to God oh Lord, oh Lord what have we done.

As prophets of old they cried they spoke,
look out people for the day to come .
You prayed you cried, was it all in vain.
But God never heard you call, Not even
Jesus's name.

So in those days and the days to come,
only you only you will you have to blame,
cause you the people wanted great change,
you got what you wanted, so who will pay,
The innocent the innocent in that day.

So look to your leader on that sorrowful day,
and ask yourself oh Lord, what did we pray.

jesseb's anything goes

Shalom and Peace to Israel

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