Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks America

As we all know there's been things going on that just makes you sit back and shake your head. Congratulations America on your first Black President, secondly congratulations America for electing America's first Muslim President, and we all will see that part soon. I say congratulations to the American people, because I did not and would not have voted for him. He is not MYYY President, he is just a man to me, that I have to live under his rule. It won't be but a matter of time before the voters of America will wake up from his hypnotizing words, and beautiful speeches to realize, oops we screwed up.
I already know from reading on here that a lot of people put a lot of stock in what other people read and write as prophecy. As example, we can go back to the days of Jim Jones, the koolade man, or David Koresh, the Waco dude. I was reading on the internet and there are thousands of people out there prophesying and babbling and going on. I can see why folks do the things they do and act the way they do. I am not saying that people who prophecy are wrong. But from My understanding of the Bible, there is predicting and prophesying, but there are differences in Apostles and prophets. Just as there is a difference in the church between speaking in tongues and tongues and interpretation.
First of all prophesy is to predict or reveal through or as if through, divine inspiration. Predict is to make a prediction about; tell in advance, indicate by signs. Prophets of old such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Joel, Hosea and the others were prophets of God. They foretold of things that would happen not only in their day, but days to come and the distant future. These were God chosen men, men of God not just some ( johnny come lately that momma called and daddy said, son your a prophet). It just doesn't happen that way. Have people been so deceived to think and believe such a thing still happens? Ecclesiastes 1 vs 9, says that which has been, is, that which will be, and that which has been done, is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Prophesies of today should in no way be classified as a prophecy. There is no new thingggg. Of the Biblical Prophets what did it say a few sentences back that a prophet is? (gotcha), we hadn't defined a prophet or apostle yet, totally different. A prophet is an authoritative person who divines the future, someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the Will of God. An apostle is, any important early teacher of Christianity or a Christian missionary to the people. Friends, two totally different callings. There are differences in the gifts and the calling of God, and if you have one of the gifts or callings, feel blessed. God, in no way will repent or say He's sorry because He entrusted you with the gift.

AGAIN I say, Thanks America. People can choose whom they want to believe, whomever you want to follow, God gives us choices, but as for this house, we will trust, serve, believe, and follow God and his word. I know that a lot of people don't care to read about things like this which is fine. Again its that freedom of choice.

If you looked at the gifts and callings of God after Jesus died, these are the gifts to the church that God gave to the church that it may grow and flourish. (1st Cor 12 vs 1-11 ). There is the gift of healing, working of miracles, prophecy, gift of discerning of the spirits, divers kind of tongues, and interpretation of tongues, they work of the same Spirit the Holy Ghost. There I wrote them for you, lol, but the one I want to look at is prophecy, just because you have that gift doesn't make you a prophet who sees hundreds or thousands of years down the road. This gift was given for the edifying of the church. Looking back a minute, there were tongues and interpretation of tongues, it is the spirit of God that moves one to prophesy in tongues, in which in most instances be unknown (unknown tongues) this is where the interpretation of tongues comes in. There has to been an interpreter and not all members of the body of Christ have that gift. Now for prophets true or false.
Now for Nostradamus, hmmm, strange bird if ya ask me. Well where do we start? # 1-He was no prophet, #2-his writing was not prophecy. He was a seer, a soothsayer, a clairvoyant, he had the ability to foretell the future, he was one who predicted the future by using magic and intuition. Before I even wrote anything about Nostradamus and the magic, I read where he changed a lot of his writing to use symbols and left out certain letters so they would not think, (THINK) he used magic, but as a matter of fact in part, he was using partly magic and then was smart enough to be able to hide it from those who would recognize him being a warlock, plain and simple.
Again I say Thanks America. What is so sad about America today is they put more trust in the writing of man, than the very one who created them. Then again, God will not force you, me or any other red blooded person on earth to believe in Him.

I was looking at the 2012 video, that was wild, but good. The only thing that was far fetched on it was the aliens and the giant meteor hitting the earth. Hmm, I haven't read in the bible about that (yet). Guess I'll go back and read some more, but about aliens, I don't know, but angels, yes. Then we have the dilemma of the anti-christ, an antichrist can be anyone who is against the word of GOD and Christ Jesus. John in 1st john 2:8 wrote: (you can read for yourself), the anti-christ we await to appear is he whom shall arise out of the East. A lot of people think it's the Pope, some say Chinese, some say he will of a Arab descent, any of them it could be. But I haven't ask God to show who it will be, I won't, because that's not for me to know until that time occurs. I will put this out there from the way I feel, it could be a muslim born American or should he even be considered American, I don't think so but who am I.
So America Thanks, while the world looks for signs and makes up sign such as 2012 I'll keep searching the Scripture and seeking God the Father and his son Jesus. While so many predict the end, they lead millions down that road to destruction. I guess no one has ever read in the Bible where it says, that NOT EVEN JESUS KNOWS THE DAY HE WILL RETURN, (BOOYAH). WHEN THE FATHER ON THE THRONE TURNS TO HIM, HIS SON JESUS, AND SAYS, SON IT'S TIME, IT WILL BE TIME TO RUMBLE. WOW, just as I set here writing this, can't you just feel the angels in heaven rehearsing their part. FRIENDS it says every eye shall see and every knee shall bow.

Well as I finish this article i guess I'll swallow some of my anger, and say once again, thanks America again for bringing us one day closer in prophecy, to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I guess instead of using the word anger, I should use some other word such as selfishness, I guess I say it the way I do because he is the very man who is behind the peoples back that voted him in to office, slowly sliding the knife into their backs. But first he will destroy anything and everything that has to do with God and His word, then turn on the very people who elected him.
So Thanks America again, if you can do something/anything else to get us closer to the coming of Jesus pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do.

Shalom and Peace to Israel.
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