Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Putt, putt smoke

As I was sitting around thinking about what to blog about now, automotive came to mind. We live in a time when if you have a vehicle, and you can, you best take care of it well or the best that you can. Lets see there's Texaco, Pennzoil, Chevron, Mobil, it would take a half a day to name them all.

My ex father-n-law taught me so much about automobiles and working on them, I remember having an eighty something model Impala that needed a cam shaft, and and my ex father-law began to help me tear it down, and as we got one of the valve covers off he said what, "kind if oil do you use?". Before I could answer him he said, "you use pennzoil don't ya?" And yes at that time I did. It didn't take long for him to recommend Quaker State. See when we pulled the covers off there was this ashy, gummy, burnt oil mess under the cover. Putt putt smoke and leak, yuck!

That day I got another lesson in using oil additive, (which he didn't recommend using either), but said if I must, use STP oil and gas treatment. Up until 3 years ago I never had a truck or car that didn't leak or smoke or both, heck, why drive a caddy when a lemon;s cheaper, is my motto. I never until 3 years ago had a vehicle that didn't have over 125,000 miles on it when I bought it and have an oil leak or 2 or smoked. Let me tell ya something, you can go down to your local Autozone, Oriely's or Advance auto parts, and you'll find a shelf full of oil and engine additives, and let's not forget radiator repair also. You can go down there and ask the counter sales help all you want about all the additives they have and every one of them that I have met will tell you, "oh yeah, that works great, but you'll have to give it a little time or add another bottle. Let me tell you something, I've been in the auto part sales as a counter help person and I personally would tell you the truth. You can try it for yourself, but none of it has ever worked with the exception of Bar's Radiator Stop Leak. I can truly say it works, they have another type, one with copper powder in it if, (and only if), the leaks a small leak. But preference is the original Bar's. I have found that it works and that if you have a leaking radiator and you can get to easily, remove the radiator; lay it on it's side, buy you some j-b weld, mix it, use a flat object to apply the mix into the leaking core, then crimp and gently fold with pliers, and apply the rest of the j-b over the crimped area.

CASITE motor honey is one of the stop leaks and smoke stop additives that did not work for me and I've tried it several times on several different vehicles. To be honest there is not an additive that is good for any car, but then, if your like me, I can't afford to change my oil every 3000 miles as recommended. If you could change your oil every 3000 miles, that would be the best way to go. It is my belief from what I have done using the additives it in no way helps the performance or life of your or anybody else's car or truck, it's supposed to swell the gaskets and valve guides to stop the oil from seeping through, but, the only thing it does is swell is the manufacturer' wallets. All it is truly doing is clogging up the vital part of you car, causing excess wear and tear on your engine, let me warn you of something else.
There is also treatment for your transmission, be very careful with these also, the additives for the tranny say it will stop slippage and leaks, that it will tighten up the excess slip in it. Folks, it doesn't. So save your money . We must realize that the oil treatment business is just that, a Business. To be honest with you I'd like to see the vehicle that they use this stuff on that it truly worked. It hasn't for me and if it has for you let me know. Seems to me that everyone under the sun has an oil brand, Oriely's has their own, Auto Zone theirs, Castrol, Pennzoil, Amsoil, Kendall, Mobil 1 and Extended, Conoco, Valvoline, Motorcraft, Wal-mart SuperTech, and Union 76, Exxon Mobil......that's a LOT of putt putt smoke.

But I haven't mentioned one and that is Quaker State. Now for the rest of the story: I drove that Impala for 8 more years and took the valve cover off and it was as clean as when we put the motor back together. I myself recommend Quaker State SAE 5w -30. Take it from some one who has been there and done that, using Quaker State, you'll help keep your internal engine's moving parts clean and running great.
Folks I would not tell you that this was the best oil for your car if it weren't, like I said before in this blog, the manufacturer's that create these additives do so for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only, to make money on their products, they use big name stars and other incentives just to get you to buy something that you will find doesn't work. I have a conscience and cannot lie and have nothing to gain by sharing the truth with you.
If your car or truck leaks and smokes, and you wanna buy additives, you might as well use your money on another quart of oil, it's still gonna Putt, Putt, Smoke
If you want the best oil and save yourself money down the road, buy better than the rest, Quaker State.
Quaker State is not an additive, it's an oil. Start out with the best and you won't need the rest.

Until we write again, this is jesseb's anything goes.

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