Saturday, February 7, 2009

What happened to the real world ?

Friends, here in the unreal world we deal with things we are forced to deal with. In the old real world, it was genuine, literal, and actual. Friends, if anyone hasn't noticed the last 5 to 10 years it seems, we live in a fantasy, fairy tale world. Here again in the unreal world we constantly have to be aware of and guard against fakes, things that are unreal. Things that have no substance, it seems that everywhere we turn nowadays, there's something new whether it be blow dryers to automobiles, to whats showing on television, there is always one more new reality show coming on, one more thing to keep our minds out there. Wow, there's so many, where do you begin to name them? Survivor, big brother, big sister, heck, I don't even want to go on naming them, (it just irks me). There are several home make over shows which my wife likes to watch. I'd rather go to bed, or pull my I teeth than watch. But reality shows aren't the only thing that makes grown mature people or our younger people watch. It is the standards we have set to accommodate our minds. What ever happened to the real world we once lived in?
What ever happened to the days when the word of mouth and a hand shake sealed the deal? What ever happened to the days where there were folks that everyone could look up too?
What ever happened to truth, honesty, being genuine, actual and literal?
What ever happened to heroes like, Jesus, the Lone Ranger, the true Batman and Robin, Zorro, Roy Rogers, SuperMan and the list goes on?
Or what about the cartoons that we once watched as a kid? They have changed so much it will make your head swim. If we're lucky, sometimes we can see a few of the oldies, Tom and Jerry, Tweety, and Sylvester, the original Batman and Robin cartoon, the Road runner and Coyote, Mickey mouse, and Snoopy, or the Three little pigs and Robin Hood. Wow, so many, just to be replaced by Transformers, Pokemon, Digimon, the Power Rangers, some evil looking Batman and on and on and on. What ever happened to the good ole days? When a coke was coke, fun was when you told a joke, when you payed a dollar for gas and got a dollars worth, what ever happened to the day when you told someone you loved them and really meant it. What ever happened to the real world?
Well the real world as we knew, will never be again. I don't mean to sound so negative but that's just the way it is. Over the last 2 decades or longer, we have turned from a realistic to a materialistic, fairy tale, fantasy world. It doesn't matter if it is genuine, (for real), it really doesn't matter if it really happened as long as so and so said so (literally happened) and we don't even question anything any more, it's just do it baby (actual).
What ever happened to the real world? Well as I said a few minutes ago, the real world will never be again as it once was, sorry. Neither will be the cartoons, a hand shake is just a hand shake now. Word of mouth is just like moving your lips but all people hear is blah blah blah.
What really happened to the real world is when we all woke up one morning to a world that stands for nothing any more. I believe that if we were to do surveys on, actuality, being genuine, and literal, probably 1 out of 10 and 2 out of 20, could or would talk about any of the three questions. That means 10 out of a 100 people would be real.
What ever happened to the real world? Let it be known that when we the people began to not care what happened any more, things began to turn for the worse, when we began to lower our standards, when our Government failed us all by changing all the rules, when we the people quit standing for anything or anyone but ourselves, that is when our world changed.
What happened to the real world, well just stand up everyday or two because that's how fast things change these days. Look around,then you will see what happened to the real world. It passed us by. Welcome to the new world.

Thanks again, Jesseb's anything goes.

Shalom and Peace to Israel

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