Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When is enough, enough

As I sit here looking through website after website searching for ways that I could make some money at blogging and other things. Maybe I'm just down right stupid or a moron maybe both. I really want to do many things, when my mind will let me do it. They have books called computer instructions for dummies, maybe they need to publish one for plain ignorant ass people like me, then maybe it would make some sense. I have typed every word possible in every search bar I can find, and the same old crap comes up. Lets use a few examples. I type in to recieve a Government Grant without paying anything, you'll have 20 different web pages you can choose to access, wow, you say to yourself, there ought to be something here, The site sayyyyyssss, FREEEE no money. Well that's cool. Then you open up the first 3 and boom, your hit with the first words, "As seen on CNN, Oprah, Larry King Live, and Msnbc". Wow, these must be legit, NO money or credit card needed, then you sit through their boring ass videos on how to do this and that, every thing still sounds legit, until you get to the bottom and it slaps you in the face Its free just pay $1.95, $2.95 and on some $5.95, for shipping, then wants to know how your gonna pay, you'll need a credit card. Then you go through a couple of more 4 or 5. Starts out the same ass way. AS seen Larry K, and by the time you've read to the K in king you know it's B.S, you get to the bottom, wow, it didn't say anything about money, then it makes sure you need a credit card, for some kind of verification. Then your asking yourself, " Why do I need a credit card?" There's that little white box that says Check if you have read the terms and agreement, AND you best read it before you check. Generally, you are agreeing that after your 14 day free trial is up, you will let so & so company automatically charge your account $29.99 a month, plus a one time prossessing fee of $19.99, and if you want to opt out before your 14 day trial is over, you have to call this number to unsubscribe, or opt out, (p/s keep check of your bank statements).
Are the people of America who wants to make it in the world, really considered so ignorant? I guess they believe we are. Pyramid schemes are supposed to be illegal aren't they? Doesn't this start with 1 person then the next level 2 next level 3 then 4 and so on? Well I being one of them ignorant people of America that they think we are, go back to the internet to look for legitimate online jobs. Well myself, as well as my wife have tried endlessly to find online jobs that will pay. Which some seem somewhat legit, and I really have no problem with them holding out $50.00 a month administration fee. But, the ad says all you need is a computer and the internet, and if that's all you need why do they want to charge you $25.00 for envelopes $15.00 for papers with letterheads and so on? Dam when it enough enough? And then after all that, when we began researching their site, the way it is run, believe me or not it looks just like a pyramid scheme. Then on top of that we check them out on the Better Business Bureau online and they have an "F" rating! I won't say the name here but if anyone wants their name I'll gladly give it to ya. America when is enough enough?
And now I guess my final gripe is online blogging. My wife bless her heart has looked everywhere for something to do to make a little money online. She isn't able at this time to work a full time every day job, right now she is on leave from her job making $20 plus dollars an hour. No, don't feel sorry for us, we don't need pity, we just need a break. I have been declared a looney and told to get on disability, because well never mind ya'll don't need to know our life story. The gripe I have is this too, (blogging), seems no different than online Government Grant websites that say free, or any other online websites that say jobs for free. Well blogging is fun, I have to admit and the one we have found we have joined, yes it free and supposed to be able to make money. Pay this and you go Pro, pay this and you get even more (web tools). Well hellooooooooo out there, we don't have that kinda money as well as countless thousands just like us don't have that kind of money either. We just want the chance to make a small living from doing what we love to do. THAT is read and write blogs for a living. And please one other thing Blog sites please write an instruction book for ignorant folks like me so we can understand the steps we need to take, other than this one, the others take a Master's degree to set up. Well that is my gripe.
People as you can see, the internet really wasn't set up to give out anything free, it's there for people to make money. And if your not intelligent like me, Well you're not gonna get very far and if anyone finds something legitimate here online, that says free and really is free, drop me a line or two. You can find me right here, waiting for my riches and writing my no non-sense, no-sense, no-bs, blogs.

well till next time.

Shalom and Peace to Israel.

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