Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Egypt to the grave

You know the day is coming soon whether it be tomorrow, or 1 to 10 years down the road it's a coming. I say it this way because no one knows when for sure, but it will. I think back to a place in time, to the Bible, to the many things that took place over a vast period of time. All the men and mighty men who gave it all whether in war or in service to God Almighty. That amazes me because they didn't have all the modern conveniences like we do today. Unless we've missed something reading the Word. We believe that when they went into battle they went afoot, if they went about doing the work of God they went afoot. That had to be tough. Just seeing that once they left Egypt to the time they reach the Promise land all the mountains and hills they overcame, wandering in the wilderness 40 years. But if one was to look closer, God is a God who will not be mocked or angered. Here we have a multitude of people in Egypt crying and crying, oh God deliver us from the task master, they cried and moaned, even moaned some more till God bid their request. I think we all know the story of God vs Pharoah, my money if I were a betting man is and always will be on God. Pharoah picked his poison in the battle of wills and lost, sorry Pharoah. They got to leave Egypt but even that wasn't enough to satisify Israel. They complained, murmured, bellyached, moaned, cried, complained some more to the point to where I think that God had, had enough. We have always heard that God is a merciful God and he was then and is still today, but enough is enough, how do you feel as a parent when your children keep on and on and on, you get fed up also, or ok most normal parents do. But according to Numbers 14 vs 1-35. What should have been a walk in the park, wound up being 120 years of circling the park, read it you will see. Again I say don't mess with God. And just think of all the people who died in the wilderness, had to be at least thousands on thousands who never got to see the Promise land, and if the Book is right (and we know it is), won't get to see the future Promise land, (The Kingdom of God), either. Every day that we breath the precious breath of life we ought to be singing Praises to the most Most high God who gave us Jesus to die for our sins, that we can be forgiven because of His blood. Oh yeah as the song says there is power in the blood. And what authority do I have to sit here and tell you they won't get to see the future Kingdom. Anyone who has ever studied the Old Testament knows that there had to be a kid goat sacrificed for a sin offering, slain and the blood was shed for the coveringggg of their sins men (and women alike). If one was to go back and read at the time of the holy convocation a goat along with many other animals had to be slain. 1 goat each day for 7 days, you see if there was no sacrifice there was no covering of your sin. You died in your sin. Oh Praise the Lord He saw fit, that men needed a second chance. So he offered up His only begotten Son born of man. Does anyone today give him praises for the sacrifice? One would hope so in knowing that you don't have to bring a sin offering before the alter of God for the covering of your sin's. All we have to do now is ask Jesus to forgive us with his blood 24/7, 365 days out of a year, no MORE taking long journeys to the tabernacles or synagogues for blood sacrifices.

I guess we've written all this to get to a point and will reach it soon. I look back to men in the Bible that has done more for the cause than I will ever be able to do, Abraham, Moses, Issac, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, and there hundreds more to mention, who have cemented their places in that Kingdom to come. Their times of trial and despair has been over along time. I wrote all this to get to this part right here, they are the ones who can sing the song better than any one because on that day, what day, the day of Christ return.
That song is as follows:
Ain't no grave gonna hold this body down . Friends on that day it will be a day of much mourning and crying, but also a day of great shouting and dancing (in the Spirit that is). Folks it won't be the first time of bodies coming up out of the grave but it will be the most important. When I get to thinking about the day when JESUS comes back and all that resurrecting power that will be with Him. At times I find myself saying come on God bring it on. When we go back to Matt 27 vs 1-54, (read this) and if you have any bit of God in you, you should have chills running up and down your arms, neck and back, this is where Jesus is crucified, after he cried out My Father, My Father why hast thou forsaken me, and then after, yet again, cried out He gave up the ghost. It says at that time the veil in the temple, (which hangs from the ceiling to the floor), rent which means tore into 2 pieces, the earth did quake and the rocks did move. My My My friends can't you just imagine what that day's gonna be like again? Friends, it says that the power of His resurrection was so strong, (Matt 27 vs45-53) THAT THE GRAVES WERE OPENED AND THE BODIES OF THE SAINTS WHICH SLEPT AROSE AND CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE AFTER HIS RESURRECTION ,THEY WENT INTO THE HOLY CITY, AND APPEARED UNTO MANY. Again I say, friends there's coming a day as no one has ever seen, not in your lifetime or mine. Friends so powerful and exciting only the truest of CHRISTIANs await. It will be the day, that when that day approaches, the song in our hearts will sing, Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down, FRIENDS IF THAT AIN'T ENOUGH TO GET YOU EXCITED AIN'T NOTHING GONNA.

In the book of Revelation, there are 7 churches (In Rev 1 vs 11) of Asia, even though you can look and see they were actual churches, they Biblically represent 7 church ages, beginning with the early church after his assention. Whether any one wants to believe it we are in the 7th church age and have been there for a while, it is slowly coming to the end. My belief is that God sees the church of today. He has seen it when was on fire, and He has seen it in a time of almost extinction. He says you are neither cold nor hot you are lukewarm meaning you are just there, I will spew, or cast you aside or it will be as I never knew you, because you think your rich large in size. What more do we need to do? That you are blind to the fact you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, in other words you have lost your very purpose and meaning. He is pleading with them to counsel or rediscover the gold tried by fire, (find Jesus again), that you may be truly richly dressed in white raiment and people wont see you for what you are, and to anoint their eyes with eye salve to remove the scales from their eyes that they may see their mistakes. He says whom I love are those whom I chasten and rebuke. Friends I believe God is saying that to the church world today. That we need to get back to the service of God doing the things that it takes to not only service him but to do the service. He is saying to us all just because you may have a thousand people congregation or a 25 people congregation that we need to be on fire, rededicate our lives to Jesus Christ and uncover our eyes to see what needs to be done. Now I might have missed the boat on some of this and if I have feel free to correct me, I'm not beyond correction. But the days a coming my friends, whether it be morning, noon, or night. SOME SAY HE'LL COME LIKE A THIEF, WELL, call it what you want, there will be nothing secret about it. Never figured out how Jesus could be put into the same category as a thief, (He only used it as an illustration), but a lot of church going people have Him there. Sorry, the rapture theory is (hog wash), tell ya what I'll do, while ya'll are waiting in secret for Jesus the THIEF, I'll be waiting with others for that day when Jesus burst the clouds of Glory with ten thousand saints by His side, the souls of those who had been taken to Heaven where the soul goes back to when one dies.. My bible tells me in Revelations that every, every eye shall see Jesus. So friends and neighbors, when you hear the sounding of the trumpet in the air, and that great resurrecting power begins to rumble and graves burst open again. We can all sing that song, ain't no grave gonna hold our bodies down.

Friends rejoice if your name is written in the Lambs book of life, and if you have the slightest of doubt it isn't, its not to late, til the trumpet sounds, and one other thing, lets go out singing with the saints ain't no grave gonna hold our bodies down.
thanks again, jesseb's anything goes.
Shalom and Peace to Israel.

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