Thursday, February 12, 2009

Son, can mommy come out and play.

Hopefully by now everyone has heard how there is a plan that was brought up by the united nation to where parents would only have the right to dress and feed their kid, and the government will raise them from there. Well Mr(s). Clinton, Obama's right hand she-man has been for this every since he was in office 8 years ago and the way its going it will be a done deal. Watch for it.

Well here's the deal about Son can mommy come out to play and this blog won't be deleted because it will hurt someone's feeling. ( Sorry) I have 3 daughters 4 all together one is 22 and 27 and 30, the other is 34. And really if you ask me neither 3 have had business having kids. that just my opinion and you know what they say about that,opinion are like butt holes everybody has one. In one of their case's she needs to learn to be patient with her 4 year and 9 year old, you can tell that the 9 year old son has been screamed and hollered at quite a bit because you can't even talk to him without him stuttering and tearing up at times. It will break your heart at times, and I can't just jokingly say anything in a certain tone without him thinking I'm mad or upset with him. It's a really sad ordeal, then he has a sister 4, one of the sweetest little girls you could ever meet, only thing wrong with her is she is to smart for her britches. We pretty much raised her, My wife and I the first 3 years of her life till her mommy decided she wanted to be a mother and could handle her. We all know that babies have a tendency to wake up or cry a lot when their just born until 7, 8 or 9 months old, so many a night again sometimes just me or me and my wife would walk with her, not drive, and as we would walk she would be as calm as though she was never upset. We live by a post office and the flag there flies 24/7 everyday of the year. By the time she was 4 months old she could recognize and point out the flag, trees, leaves, grass, flowers, the moon and stars. She was walking, I believe before she was 6 months old or earlier and talking by one. Gosh I love that kid, but I love all my grand kids the same measure even though we have to discipline each differently. Having 2 grandsons with the same disorder can be tough at times esp. when you keep them at the same time and their mommies don't bring their (ADHD) medication it gets pretty nerve racking at times, plus us getting older doesn't help either. You know what's sad about the whole thing is that when you have to buy your child something for them to even want to go home with you. It's really sad, and another thing that is sad, when mothers who have kids from different dad's, and the one she marries is the only dad he really has ever known and he isn't worth a shit. (sorry if my words offend) but when you have (narcissistic) parents, sad, oh man it's so damn sad. That was 1 of my daughters I'm not even blood kin to, but I love her and her sister as my own. And we treat them no differently than my own. They want your advise all the time but never listen. It's like you can take my advise or do as you damn well please, your way. Well its always their way and comes back to bite-em. It is a shame when children of today, but it's been this way every since I was a kid, and millions others just like me, when kids have to grow up before they ever had a childhood, (and has a tendency to scar them later in life) and that is the parents fault, for not being parents. Then there's the 30 year old, (my other blood daughter), I'm just going backwards down the line. who has 4 kids, and it is the true statement can mommy come out to play, sadly enough I can't say much about her because just last month was the first time in over 10 years I had seen any of them, except to say she began having kids at to early of a young age.

Son came mommy come out to play. This one is my blood daughter, (the 27 year old), God bless her soul. I love her so much, she was always a daddy's girl, I can remember when she was young, how timid she was, how you would say boo and she would cry lol. But she at some time grew out of it, (having a gun held to your head by an abusive husband can make you grow up pretty fast). I guess having a kid at a young age with a worthless abusive husband, (seems to be a trend with all my girls) contributed to that.

I know you all are thinking that's because I'm dad and there ain't no guys worthy, but that's not the case at all. Seems the problem is every one of them the 22 the 27 and the 34 has a propensity to attract mommy's boys and guys that are mentally or physically abusive. Well she had a child and he has been nothing but hell on her, but, we still love him the same, and I know you all will think I'm one sorry S.O.B, but he is turning out just like his dad. She has tried to get him so much help, she is a GOOD mom, she does everything under the sun for him, but nothing seems to help. And, I can't help but say this, she has attracted another freaken' mommy's boy who is mentally abusive, and of course, yeah, you got it, he ain't worth a shit either. She has a kid, he has a kid, they have a kid together, it's a damn mess. She doesn't like his kid, he doesn't like her kid, but they both love the kid they have together. Wow, can mommy come out to play, and mommy, son, can daddy come out to play? This is the other 9 year old with (ADHD) or to say it better both 9 year olds get out of control. When both 9 yr olds are together, hide the chocolate, candy, Dr pepper any thing that has sugar. The 27 yr old daughter is like the 34 yr old, you can take my advise or do as you damn well please, well as with the other it's they do as they damn well please, she trys to be a mom to her son, but he is so disrespectful. My wife and I have at times talked to him and when he stays with us, it is yes ma'am and yes sir. Lord bless her for trying. I have told both daughters to get rid of the dead wood or weight which ever fits the bill, then try again. Now for the 22 yr old who got a child after a rumble in the sack, I have to admire her for one thing, she did finish school before the baby was born. But she married the baby's father, which I thought was a good guy, and I can tolerate him, but, he cheated, they divorced, they have a kid together, they got joint custody, his mom is raising the kid more than both of them. He's gotten several girls pregnant, was supposed to marry a couple of times, didn't happen. They've tried to get back together, that didn't work out, she never or seldom has her daughter. His mom is, I guess, instead of the child' s grandma, her mommy. Now the the daughter was pregnant, and I may sound like a cold hearted Son of a B+-=-, but it didn't take and probably was for the best, you don't have a kid to try and settle down a man who is 30 yrs older than you. Geezz, daughters, wake up plzzzzzzzzzz. Another instance of a kid wanting another kid to raise. Damn, we really didn't raise them this way. Were we bad parents? Hmmm that's a hard question to answer, but I think not. Every one of them was raised in church and taught right from wrong.

When you can't discipline your kids without the Government stepping in, I guess that's the way things go. It will go from bad to worse. If you think it is bad now, just wait. Son, can your mommy come out to play, is the way it seems to me. Parents can't discipline their kids now without DHS stepping in and that's part of the reason the kids run the home.

I really don't know if anyone besides my wife, will read this blog, and if nobody does that's fine. But it's about kids having kids ,and then the kids rule the house. If anyone takes offense to this. sorry. I really do love ALL my girls and I want it to be known, what I say to one I'm not ashamed to say to all. I want that clarified and I want it clarified that I love you ALL with ALL MY HEART and the pain that you feel, I feel because I love you. You are NOT bad girls, you've made some bad choices, we all have in life. Now it's time to make those decisions right.

What it means when I say son can mommy come out to play is that kids are having kids and then the kids rule the home.

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Shalom and peace to Israel

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