Thursday, February 12, 2009

How does one act

I wonder if anyone can tell how your suppose to act when death knocks at a love ones door. How does one act,what if there is no emotions? Does it mean that one has turned cold hearted? Am I the only one that this happens to? Is it that one comes to grips with such a thing as death, has it to do with something from their past? I know that the way I am now, I have no business quoting bible scriptures. Is it the fact that one has read from the word that the dead know nothing, that the spirit goes back to the Father til the time of judgement and one hopes and prays that their life was right with God. Is there anyone out that can help me to understand? I have lost love ones, I have lost close dear friends and either way, I can not cry or show any emotions, am I heartless? I just don't know. Do some people grieve differently than others? Is it the fact that they're going to a better place? Is it the fact that I want to remember them as they are? Can anyone or has anyone been through this that can help me to understand? I know that it seems I know everything there is in my blogs but I really don't. So if anyone can help please help me.


and peace be to you all.

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  1. Hi
    First let me say thanks for visiting my blog so I thought I would pay a visit to yours and leave a comment while here.I hope you stop by again sometime.
    ok, on to your post.
    I lost my mother when I was 16yrs old. I had no emotions. To this day, I can not figure out why but I didn't really cry, in fact, I don't even remember ever crying. My uncle is dying of cancer right now, and I don't even call or show any emotions. Now if it were my children or my husband, I would probably have a different out turn on my emotions. I'd probably curl up and die myself.
    I am NOT religious. I don't believe that this GOD is going to save anyone, if he did, our little children would not go through torture in the hands of evil people.
    I don't think you are heartless, I see it as being strong actually. I know that may sound pretty damn stupid. But that is just my opinion.