Sunday, February 15, 2009

Their a Texan, I'm a Texan, You can be a Texan too.

Texas first known as the Tejas, Tejas is Spanish for Texas, named for the Tejas Indians who had first control over Texas. Discovered by Spanish explorer Alonso de Pineda around 1519. But, I'm not here to talk only about it being discovered, or when it became Republic or even a State. There are so many things to see and do: Vacation Texas Style! If it's Theme parks Texas has them, College Athletics, Football (Dallas Cowboys), Baseball (Texas Rangers), Basketball (Mavericks), Hockey (Stars), lets not forget Nascar, also rodeos galore you've come to the right place in Texas. Texas is known for great singer's: George Strait, Leeann Womack, Z.Z. Top, Buck Owens, Ernest Tubb, Zycheck, Waylon and Willie and the boys, we could go on but we'll save some for you to discover.

I lived in Texas all my life until I moved to Oklahoma 8 years ago. We've been back 6 or 7 times since. I would almost swear things seems to change so fast, there's a chance you'll get lost. The country group (Lone Star) once sang a song, (Everythings changed). WELL they must of written the song about my home town Temple, Texas, where we just visited this past weekend. The old drive inn movie is now a 4-lane road, the Wal-mart is now a huge Supercenter, the cafe that I ate at a lot has moved and is half the size. The place where we lived when I was a child is soon to be part of a super highway. We are the home of the Great Little Joe La Familia, Grammy award winner.

Bell county is well known for its Fourth of July rodeo and one of Nation's oldest. For texans, it's a way of life, but for others its a great a pass time, and if you didn't like Texas a minute ago, you surely ain't gonna like it the next one. Texas the largest State of the original 50 states second now only to Alaska in size and mile. Like I said earlier, there's so much to see and do, just driving it's vast highways is an adventure, unique, 1 state of a kind. Home of the famous "Don't mess with Texas" motto. A person can live in Texas for 40 to 50 years and not see or know all there is about the state, the saying stands true Everything's bigger and better in Texas, and if ya want proof ask a guy to drop his drawers,lol (joke). From El Paso to the State line of La, to the Texas panhandle town of Amarillo, to Brownville, you will find nothing the same. Waylon and Willie are big in Texas folks, but Bob Wills is still the King. We are home to the Alamo, Six Flags over Texas, home to the original Texas Rangers (Lawmen) not the loser baseball team even though we got them too. We even have the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame to prove it.

I-35 begins in Texas but doesn't end there.

Home of Earl Campbell, 34, (and little Earl) -Adrian Peterson, 28. We are the home of the real Friday night lights, (Odessa Permian Panthers), Texas High School football is the greatest in the United States and is a vital part of our Great Heritage. If your ever in Texas on a Friday night in any town large or small, and there's not much traffic check down at the Local Dairy Queen (the Texas stop sign) or High School Football field you'll find us there.

FFA and FHA is still alive also in the great State of Texas, home to the once proud Roger Clemens (puke), (oops sorry, I feel better now). We have Octoberfests, Renaissance festivals, Texas State fairs. Heck, let me leave it at that.f If I were to tell ya'll everything, none of ya'll will come and visit.

You know I've sat here and said a lot about Texas, and I know you folks where ever you live believe the same way about your states also, which is fine, but I can honestly say, that if you ever come to Texas you will never run out of things to see and do.

No, this is not a paid advertisement for the state of Texas, lol. Texas is a way of life, it's a pass time, its the best. and I can in no way begin to describe it, one must live it. I believe if you were to move there and stay awhile you would truly never want to leave.

Our motto should be (So Big, so much to see and do). And one final thing to remember is, God blessed Texas with His own hand, brought down angels from the Promised land, that makes Texas the greatest place to live this side of the Garden of Eden. Oh by the way, they also say if ya don't like Texas GET the hell out.

Thanks again jesseb's

Shalom and Peace to Israel.

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