Tuesday, March 17, 2009

draw the line

This morning in the world of politics and corruption. American taxpayer's money is still being abused, A.I.G is a joke. But what can we do we're the ones who elected the very ones who has approved the money for them, well let me back up some I forgot, I didn't vote so what do I have to gripe about??? I'm still a tax payer. One thing I do believe is this is going to be the worst tax and spend administration ever voted into office. And, if GOD should cause this world to last another 50 years our grand kids won't have a future. The first thing they should do before handing over to any of the in trouble corporations, sign a contract that none of the money goes toward bonuses, and if caught doing so it should be automatic prison time. That's just my feeling thanks.

Shalom and Peace to Israel.

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  1. I can see why the US is angry. When I heard about this I my jaw dropped. Totally Wrong!