Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Princess Kaiti Pooh

The year was 2005 in a state not so far a way, there was born a little lady named Princess Kaiti. To most she is Kaitlynn but to her paw paw and meemo she is Kaiti pooh. At times she can be a pill, but who cares they grow up so fast. Even though we knew there would come a day when she would go home, (she stayed with us most of her first 3 years), we cherish every day we get to spend with her. At meemo's and paw paw's house she has her own castle, furnished with a bed, television, and her choice of toys. Even though she will grow away from us one day, I hope we will never become just a thought. Princess Kaiti Pooh we will always love you with all our hearts


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