Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prince Logan aka Chucky

This is our 8 month old grandson. He is one precious little boy we love so much, but who wouldn't love a face like that. His name is Logan aka Chucky from the movie child's play. He was born with a condition where his soft spot closed up to soon, and the bones of the skull grew and overlapped each other causing his head to grow in the shape of a football. Well this past month he had surgery, (cranial vault reconstruction), to correct the the matter. The operation that was supposed to take 6 hours took 2 hours, the swelling that was supposed to be bad enough to cause his eyes to swell shut, was limited to one side of his head and slight, and he didn't even have to stay in ICU, the 2 to 3 days as they thought. Well Prince Logan aka Chucky is at home and doing great, being his mean little self. We love you so much Chucky.


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  1. That is great that he is doing so well! What a handsome little man.