Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Online business

Is there anyone out there that can tell me how I can start an online business without having to pay someone a fee, or underlying charge. I want it to be where I am the total boss and people can buy from me directly. Something in the way such the like of eBay or the such, I am a Nascar fan and have a lot of collectibles to sell as well as other things also. There has to be away to get started .I need to know the easiest way to get started because my mind isn't what it use to be. There has to be a way, and if anyone has a simple way please let me know.

Thanks jesseb's
Shalom and peace to Israel


  1. I havent a clue. But with any new business you would need someone who could "vouch for" or sponsor you.

  2. The nice thing about the sponsor sites is that they help promote your product. I've seen people start selling from a blog but I think it must be hard to get enough traffic ... a lot of people have to come by before someone actually buys. Even with the sponsors, like Etsy or EBay ... it's tough to sell.

    Best of luck!

    Art Ist

  3. Hi,

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  4. I am afraid that you will have to start somewhere and wait. Online is just like brick and mortar. Only you don't have to sit behind the counter and pay rent,insurance etc... while no one comes in at fist. Find a place and wait. It will take off. Good luck.

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  9. Nice post,

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