Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Help me understand

I'm not a real political person but I can read, a lot of folks blame ex-President Bush for the way the American economy is today. I can understand that, but is it really all his fault? Well to me myself I really don't think he's all the blame, just part of the blame. I read an article this morning that he said Obama deserves his silence, not that Obama would listen, and I agree totally with that. I am not going to lie, I was a Bush supporter until he lost his focus and to me that was when he put to much effort toward Iraq, and less attention on America. As far as protecting America I believe he did a great job and I think we need to keep an eye on Obama's policies. But the American economy being terrible, even sad, isn't all his fault. I was born and raised in a town about 55 miles from Round Rock, Texas, home of where Dell Computers was founded. Yes I have 2 Dell computers and was proud of the fact that they were American made, until my wife's Dell laptop quit working and come to find out it's parts were made in 3 or 4 countries other than America. Another thing that irks me is I filled out a form for disability for SSI the other day and got a call back, they called and left a message and number to call back. I called back 10 times and I mean 10 times and it was foreigners that answered all 10 times. And it was for Bender and Bender law firm, one of the Nation's largest. Does anyone speakie the English anymore? I think Obama, or who ever should do their damndest to do what ever it takes to bring American companies back to America. But that's probably just a dream also. I guess I need to wake up out of this dream I'm in and realize NO matter who we elect from here on out America will never be America again. Will someone please slap me and wake me up from this nightmare or the fantasy world I'm trying to create, PLEASEEEEEE. I promise I wont hold it against you.


  1. Hi
    In my opinion, America is TOO Free! Too many women having babies so they can stay on welfare and not work. They can put animals down for having too many, maybe we should start putting people down for having too many. I wish there was some kind of law like in China, that one can not have more than I think 2 children, depending on circumstances, if a child was to die, but they have to pay a fine if they have more than 2 children.
    I also think we should have higher taxes on Everything so that illegals and people who don't report taxes will really have to pay one way or another and we would do away with filing yearly taxes en lieu of the higher taxes.
    We should have free Medical, but make up for it in other areas.
    In Germany they get free medical but pay taxes on furniture they have. Not quite sure how it works, just know it's something like that.
    We need to stop all this Freakin Racism. They need to get over and move on. We are living today, and not in the past. The most racists people are the ones that keep bringing it up.
    I'm not religious, I don't believe in God, I believe that we humans have screwed up this world and there is no blame but us...In reality, the real world..This earth sucks!

  2. I agree with you Jesse, we need to bring our companies back to America and support ourselves. The imports "seem" to be cheaper but we pay for it in the long run (lead in toys, salmonella in foods, deadly spiders in fruit etc.) I don't care what color our president is as long as he cares for America. I also see your point about the phone calls you made. We pick up the phone and call a number expecting it to be here in the U.S. and find out we were rerouted to and dealing with someone in India. This happens when you call on a credit card, computer support, etc. Not only are we selling out where goods are concerned, now we have sold out with tech and account support.

  3. I too am not real political person. But I have read and heard things. I understand that America wants to stop importing. But importing is everywhere. It is to far gone. Also I have heard people here in Canada saying that if the Americans want to be like that Canadians can easily cut off the water supply etc. One big mess I would say.

    I don't think any of this is Obamas fault as it is a globle economical crisis.

    I do agree 100% it would be nice to get someone who speaks engish on the phone. We used to have aol as our internet provider just because we got an engish person everytime. However we sadly had to change to a company that had cable, phone and internet in one package deal.

  4. Oh boy, did you say a mouthful. You are soooo right!

  5. Bush did a nice job, all I can hear are the bad ones. One thing for sure is that being a president is a tough job.

    I think that's the problem with call centers

    oh btw, thanks for the follow :)

  6. Speaking as someone who lives on a small Mediterranean island i see that all my emails and other stuff is processed through America, and I am pleased to support the US because they are the power behind the Web. Good post Jesse,a and earned some interesting comments but if capitalism itself and big business wants to use world talent to organize international trade, and your government continues to go along with this, what can you do? You have the most complex and advanced society in the history of the planet, and but cannot exist in the way most people are used to without interacting with the rest of the world. Some of you seem to wish you could close your borders and exist as 'America', no foreign voices and so on. And yet you are ALL foreigners - look at your telephone directory!!

    The American companies you would like to see back home could not survive at home, high costs - far from their markets - etc etc. Get real! Or flee (like me)to a sub-tropical island, and see what life without industry, commerce, marketing and enterprise is like.