Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just ease on down the road.

I've never been one who has had much patience. It was somewhat better when we were preaching, I think, I really can't remember anymore. But what has happened to the younger adults in this world? I really can't speak about middle east countries or even 3rd world countries, but as far as I can see most young adults in America have gone to hell in a hand basket. When we were growing up we would hear of things as divorce, sex, rape, spousal abuse, battered husband, and wife abuse. I guess back then, marriage seemed to be binding, and most believed in, together til death do you part. Yes, I know that God makes the rules, and we must follow, but I believe that God drew the line on abuse in marriage, when He gave the world His only begotten son Jesus.

But that doesn't make divorce right in all cases, I won't be using scripture in this blog, because I feel at times, that people need to search the scripture, to know the scripture. Preachers and Pastors alike have spoiled the people of their congregation by giving them the scriptures so that they never ever have to pick up the word of God or Bible anymore except for show. Next time you watch a television preacher on television preaching, and their scanning the building look out at the congregation and see how many have a Bible or how new everyone's Bible looks from never picking it up to read or study. So we're not doing the Burger King thing today. You can't have it your way today. I can tell you from experience today that I know a few people who have been through things they stayed in way to long, got out and went right back into the same thing with someone else. Let me tell ya something, about us, we went to a church for 20 years, and at times I thought the church was partly a cult in some ways. But I didn't go there for man, I went there to have a relationship with God, and it was great. Thank God I was a rebel when it came to the cult part. Then we just eased it on down the road .

veryday, or it seems everyday, there is something different going on in our children's lives. Now a days, our young adults, luckily, most don't have to quit school to work to help the family out, we have spoiled our kids so bad they don't know what No means. And then we can't understand why they rebel against us as parents. What we have done as parents is, we have made them inconsiderate, disrespectful, and at anytime, ready just to spit in our faces. Well some would say my kids are not that way, well congratulations to you, you did well. What folks don't REALIZE is that every time they give, give and give, handout and handout some more, you're teaching your kids, that they don't have to earn anything in life, and it winds up coming back to bite you in the ass. Most kids who are handed things all their life and I said most, (which means not every), becomes abusive, manipulative, a drug user, or wind up going to jail, prison or worse, dead. I know a lot won't agree on this, but that's your prerogative, it's your choice, but it's the cold hard facts. Sometimes in life you've got to draw the line and say, I've had enough, no matter what, enough is enough, either respect our house, OR just ease your butt on down on the road, it's just that simple.

I guess I was raised in the school of hard knocks, there weren't to many times my butt met a belt it liked, but it got it anyway. In the house of hard knocks, if you just looked like you were gonna say something, anything, you didn't get a spanking or pat on the hand, you got whipped, busted, beat. You didn't dare back talk or smart mouth. But there is a line between discipline and beating.
When I was raising my kids I had made myself a promise that I would never spank my kids. Well, all in all, they are decent kids, they're not in trouble with the law, or do drugs even though I have to say two of them experimented with it some, but thank GOD it was an experiment. Then, getting back on track here, women aren't the only ones who are battered, men get it the same way. I used to work with a guy whose wife seemed to beat him up every other day, he always looked horrible. I would have told her to ease her ass on down the road after the second time cause there's not going to be a third time, and leave, it ain't gonna get no better.

It's hard saying and doing things to our kids and I know it hurts like hell, because we love our kids so much. A belt really doesn't hurt that much, a No, they will get over, it's the initial action that makes it hard. There's an old saying, which people think is scriptural, it's spare the rod spoil the child, sounds Biblical, but it's not. Ok, now that I said that, I do have to use two verses from the Bible. Proverbs 22:6 - [6]Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. What it is saying is bring your kids up in the way you think best for them, not like you yourself, and yeah, they may turn from it for a while when they're young, but God said He will return to His up bringing. Proverbs 23:13 - Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. In neither of these scriptures does it say the ROD spoils the child, beating and lack of teaching and parental control is what spoils the child. We get from our kids what we put into our kids. You want respect teach them respect. You want to be the parent, be the parent, And NO is NO. DISCIPLINE does NOT mean to abuse.

Friends, being a friend, lover, wife or husband, is tough but being a Mom and Dad is tougher. We love our children so much. A good Dad and husband is the one who is ready to fight and die for his family, but is not afraid to discipline his kids. A good husband is one who loves his wife unconditionally, he will never raise his hand in abuse. I'm not gonna say he won't get mad and agitated at times, but he has enough control to control himself. A good mom is a mother hen figure, she raises the children more than the Dad because Dad is supposed to be providing for his family. She has to have more control over the disciplining of the kids, until Dad has to step in. A good Mom is also ready to die or kill for her kids. And, a good child is to be thankful, respectful, and obedient to the rules set down by their parent(s), and to be rewarded in some way they will understand why they are being rewarded, and even spanked, if necessary, with love and not malice.

If you are in an abusive relationship and want out, you can get out, there are ways, other than death. I have no idea how many women, men, young adults, and kids are abused every year, but it is many. Parents love your kids because there will be a day when you say, ease on down the road. Kids love your parents they won't be around forever, or most won't. Wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands if you are in a abusive, out of control relationship, YOU and only You have the power to get out of it, before you can't get out alive. Young adults, Mom, Dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, young and old, all of you that are in an abusive relationship, you deserve better and can do better. But first you have to want to do better and get better, and then open your mouths and say, Ease on down, ease yourself on down the road I don't need you any more. In other words, get out!!

J US T - K EE P - ON - T R UCK I N G - Y OU R -B U TT - ON - O U TT A - H E R E .

Keep on trucking, and ease on down the road may make it sound as if I'm joking or making light of these situations but rest assured I am not. This is very serious and needs to be taken that way. Tell the abuser to keep on trucking and/or ease on down the road. Or you yourself, whatever it takes get out now, you deserve better.

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  1. As I read this post I was thinking Gee did you read my morning post to give you the idea to write this? LOL You are right we parents , well most of us spoil our kids.

    My teenager is from my first marrage. (he cheated) anyways I left him and my daughter was raise by her father and step mother. We, my husband and I are cleaning up the spoiledness in her. As she lives with us now. I will agree with you loud and clear that spilling a child is wrong. I too believe it does lead to drugs, skipping school etc as I watched it with my teen last year.

    With our other children we do spoil them but we also have them earn as well.

    I believe you are right that if we teach our children morals and help steer them throught heir teenage years, they will come around and be pretty close to the way you raised them.

    As for the belt. No I don't agree with it at all. Timeouts work on my younger children.

    Great Post!

  2. I replied to your comment , but am unsure if you will get it so I will post it here too. I was not upset. Just gave my outlook on the belt. That's all. Keep the great posts coming!