Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's put the (PROUD) back in America

Hello out there is anyone home?

I have often started my blogs, with living in a fast paced world.
Well today it's a fast paced world still, but things are slowing down, with the world economy the way it is it's sad. Companies that were worth $300 billion dollars in 2007, aren't worth 5.6 billion today. I have blamed it on too highly paid, (hundreds of thousands and even millions), leaders. Don't get me wrong, I feel the same way about athletes being over paid, and yes the CEOs are too. But I can't just blame it on the execs. anymore, it may have started there, but changing times and circumstances have changed. America, the once great economic leader is now barely holding that honor.

But America being the land of the free, we have let everybody come into this country and buy everything. From buying up property, (motels, convenience stores, multi-million dollar corporations). This once proud America DOESN'T BELONG to America any more. It just irked my butt the other day when I saw Mr. Secretary of State, Clinton, in China talking to China about America. Crap people, all she is doing is inviting them to buy up the rest of America. Which has been foretold from days of old. It is my belief that America has more terrorists than there is abroad. I am not saying the multitude of gangs here, but literal terrorists, who are lying in wait for their next chance. People 911 will be considered minute compared to what's gonna happen. Heck, Bible scholars will tell you. One preacher you can trust to tell you the truth is John Hagee, God has shown him through the spirit and study.

I am a full blooded 100% red blooded born American. I used to think about how bad the communist countries had it but what the president is doing is leading us there even faster, (check out his hidden agenda of his stimulus bill). We've been heading there, (communism), for the last 20 years at least. What has happened is Americans have abandoned America by taking business overseas, leaving millions without work. I think, and it's only my thinking, that we should boycott the fatted calves and let them know that until they bring business back to the American people we will not buy from them. And stick to it! The AFL-CIO needs to be done away with, and all these puny little so called unions that are bleeding American workers dry, with promises they will be there if you need them, and come to find out they can't and won't do crap.

Friends, we can no longer blame anything on the ILLEGAL ALIENS coming here taking jobs. All the jobs being lost far out number the amount of illegals here in this country. Yeah, we gripe about them working for cheap labor. Why should we gripe, most Americans won't work for less than $15 to $20 an hour starting out. If you can't work for less don't bitch about the foreigners here. I ain't saying it's right but I ain't saying it's wrong either.

One of the reasons our economy is in the shape it is, is because Americans wont buy American made products, but will buy from countries that sell tainted food, bad meat, toy products with un-godly amounts of lead. They say they have it fixed, and I would almost believe the way the world is today, they've found a way to cover it up and it's still happening. I will piss off a lot of people with this statement, but, most of America and Americans have sold out.

The American economy indeed needs a shot in the arm all right and I have the needles:
GM #1 in sales for over 100 years to be out sold by Toyota, freaken' sad. I believe that GM AND FORD should merge and keep them American owned. Notice I didn't say American made, MOST OF THE PARTS are made overseas, bring those jobs back to America too and let those countries worry about their own economy.

America the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not what's wrong with America, AMERICA is our problem. We have lost our standards, heart, and pride. We need to stand up and be Americans again, WRITE Senators, Congressmen, the President, that they need to quickly pass a bill allowing all foreign made cars and trucks sold in America to be limited to 25,000 per year. If they regulate them, that means they will have to raise their prices so buying American wouldn't be so bad. NEXT "shot" have the Government buy all energy producing companies there is, and set straight across the board rates for all home owners equally. AND WHEN they buy out the energy companies, give them the very bottom dollar, for bleeding the people of America for year's.

America I know it may sound like I'm hitting on the bong, but I'm not. We have all the outlets to where we can come and vent about things in our lives, whether it be the economy, our love life, our ex's, finances, how to make money on line, etc. The world the way it is, isn't good and things will be what they will be, but it doesn't mean we have to crawl in a hole, do the ostrich thing by burying our head. We as the people of America need to bring some of the proud back to America, BECAUSE, whether you want to hear it or not, the government really don't care as much as you think. Americans need to help America first, then help everyone else. BAIL OUT America ,before inviting/allowing other countries to finish buying us.

Well I've set here and wrote more babble about America, and some would say if you don't like it here leave. Well there is no place I could go that isn't already the way America is headed.

Let's put the PROUD back in America.

well until next time Bye
jesseb's anything goes.

Shalom and Peace to Israel


  1. It is not just America that lets foreigners come in and take over. Every other buisness here in Canada is a foreigner. They get buisness start up loans alot easier then Canadians themselves do.

    I believe that the economy is this way because Prices keep risings. The average person can't keep up. I don't Know much at all about politics so I don't have a big response to this post. But, as for the stimulous package. It will make it so everything is close to being on track. But then again does not fix why this happened so that it doesn't happen again. Prices are not going to change. Just keep getting higher. Even people who have jobs can't keep up in todays world. Something has to change.

    Maybe the big corperates should be forced to pay their taxes. Heck If I owe $1.00 they threaten to through you in jail.

    I have heard all my childhood life that the way this world is going fiancially , that it was all going to crash. I have been hearing about America and Canada are talking about becoming one? Is this true? If so what do you think about that?

  2. Well said Jesseb! I hope many have a chance to read this!!