Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mouth is engaged, lips are moving,

I know we have all been doing something like driving down the road and seen a couple talking or yelling at each other, or driving by a house and see the same thing, I am not one who can read lips but I can tell you when their in deep discussion. I see their mouths engaged and lips moving but can't hear the blah blah blah cause the windows rolled up.

I can always tell when someone is talking about me. There's an old saying when someone is talking about you, your ears will be burning. But are they really talking about me, or is it a guilty conscience, or what? Hey over there, I can feel your lips moving but I can't hear your blah, blah, blah.

Its like again, cruising down the road and you're in a hurry and the car in front of you is either slow or won't move at a the damn stop sign/traffic light, arrrrrrr, that chaps my butt. Then you curse their sorry butts and your wife is setting there, saying that's enough of that, or that wasn't necessary. Hey you in the passenger seat, I see your is mouth engaged and your lips moving but all I hear is blah, blah, blah. Do you wanna drive this beast?

Then again driving down the road, and there are some kids with their hats turned backwards and the buttocks of their pants is dragging the ground, is it that they think their cute showing their assets, humm, and your window is rolled up, and they throw you the bird and mouth off something foul, and you raise your hand saying, "what, what, hey you, I see your finger but I can't hear your blah blah blah.

It's like having a cell phone, and calling home on speaker phone and your wife answers, and the first thing she says is, what you doing? (working duh), or you stop with the friends for a beer and she ask, where are you? (drinking duh). You should of been home an hour ago. And your friends hear it, so to save face, you tell her, I hear blah blah blah and I can even hear your lips flappin'.

Its like having a road rage attitude, and your about to pass a car and it seems their stareing at you, and you blurt out an obscenity at them, then you look into the rear view mirror and see brakes lights, and first reaction is, oh shit, disengage mouth, shut lips and drive like hell to get away.

The best way to avoid all the blah blah blah, is not to say anothing at all.

Thanks again jesseb's anything goes.

Shalom and Peace to Isreal


  1. I was once told if your ears are ringing/burning, it means someone is talking bad about you. I was also told that if you twist and pinch your earlope that the person talking badly about you will bite their tongue. Whether it works or not. I'd like to think it does. It is a silent way to get back at someone. You are right the best way to avoid blah blah blah is to say nothing at all. Maybe they will be the ones talking and making your ears burn.

  2. Maybe it's true after all that action speaks louder than words! The action of mouth, I mean. LOL.

    But try this one. Whenever you're in a crowd, try to look for a person whose back is on you. Then, just keep your eyes at him/her for few secs or 1 minute. Then, suddenly, he/she'll turn away and look at you directly in your eyes!

    I know this won't work to other people. But, it is still good to try. I tried this one, and it worked! LOL :D