Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Questions ??????

How many times have we ever just sat back and watched the world go by and it make your head spin?
How many times have we just sat back and wished we could do something productive that others would appreciate?
How many times can we look back in our lives and feel accomplished at the end of the day?
How many times do we sit back and think about if I had to do things over again we'd go back and change a few things in our past?

Can we look back and remember the first A we got on a project we did totally on our on and to feel that rush of satisfaction. Or remember back at the first time you kissed the guy/girl you'd been trying all through school to get and you finally got him/her and your heart just melted inside of you. These are a few things that we face in our everyday life, and yes only a few of them. We didn't mention graduation day from high school or the college you were accepted to, we haven't mentioned the first job you ever had. What about the first car you ever had, maybe it wasn't the one you wanted, but all together it was a ride and it was all yours. But life moves on from high school and college.

There are things that happen to young and old alike all throughout life. Life to some can be a fantasy world. There are those who meet the love of their lives and marry and live together happily ever after for the rest of their lives. That alone is one of the greatest accomplishments. But then again there are those who find love and seem to be happy until troubled waters arise then happiness becomes devastating. But, never give up there is someone for everyone out there. Can you remember that first fling? Was it love or just puppy love. There are so many scenarios out there that we go through from the cradle to the grave.

There are so many times in our lives that we have looked back and said if I could go back 20 years I'd change a lot of things in our lives, then you have them who look back just to say I wouldn't change a thing. (That is when you truly know your are content with your life.) But there are folks like me at 50 going on 51 that if I were to go back (and 20 years wouldn't help), changing anything, lol.... Again we say there are a lot of different scenarios out there we haven't touched on yet. I know a few people who become devastated not being able to have children, to some that's grounds for divorce so they can find someone who can produce.

Then you have those out there who have hearts bigger than the world that would gladly adopt a child and take them into their life and make them their own. Then there are men and women like my wife, who could not have kids of her own, but gladly and happily took on the role as a mom, and grandma to kids who were not even her own. She has 2 sons and 4 daughters and 9 grandkids and hope I didn't miss any. (plus many more that call her mom and grandma).

But we spoke of something earlier in this blog that happens in our lives from the cradle to the grave. This is a 2 part blog hoping to keep them shorter. Stay tuned to page 2 of this blog.

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