Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another daily gripe

Well here we are again it's 5 minutes after 12;00 am, I should be in bed but I just wanted to start this which will probably take a couple of days I really hope not but may. Yes I still look around at the world we live in daily and just sometimes all I can do is shake my head , and then others, I try and do what my doctor said I should try and do for 30 minutes a day, is to laugh, which most day laughter is just a far away thought, Most days just reading the news or hearing the news is enough to depress the depressed even further into the state that they are in. To me those who do not watch the news are probably trying to live in a glass bubble or scared to death. Then why do I still read and watch it then? to keep a heads up on world affairs.

I remember reading back in the 30's or 40's that when the stock market crashed that there was al ot of folks who committed suicide. and how it must at that time been pretty tragic to a lot of families, businesses closing down, the folks who had every thing they had invested, that lost everything. The only thing I really can't figure out is how many years did it take for things to bounce back to almost a 50/50 % society. ( what I mean is how long did it take for the Americas to recover from what had happened?) As of May the 8Th 2009, the jobless rate jumped to 8.9%. which multiplies out to a a lot of Americans are still out of work, and the way things are still heading it will reach the forecasted level of 10.9 % by the end of the year.

I have noticed also that the price of gas here in McAlester, Oklahoma has jumped 17 or more cents per gallon in 2 days, heck tomorrow it may be up a dollar. Just this morning I was reading on Msnbc where home foreclosures are still on the rise it said it had jumped 32 % and at least 342,000 people received at least 1 foreclosure notice in April. I was sitting here just now a question popped into my mind, wasn't the economic stimulus package in the past supposed to go to troubled banks to help with the trouble housing market, to buy up all the bad debt, so bank could start lending again? Was it not supposed to help us Americans buy up the bad debt, and mortgage our Grand kids future, so that thing will be better now than then?

I read an article earlier this year where one of the big wigs in Washington said that those who pay their mortgages on time should be treated differently than those who don't. Well I can understand that to a point. But I believe that things happen such as job loss, layoffs, sickness, and yes circumstances beyond mans control, hurts our ability to stay up to par on things such as financial obligations. I didn't read the article but seen the head line where foreclosure had hit the wealthy. I feel for all people who have to go through such a thing, but it is also good to see that it can happen to other than the little people.

Then we have the Automotive Industry that is in the saddest shape ever, It seems to me that the Obama auto task force that he assembled is taking its toll on the industry by setting deadlines for them to follow the receive bailout money. The question that is stuck in my mind is, Is Obama trying to destroy American a little at a time? Sure seems that way to me. The slogan he used to win his campaign, "No taxes and creating more jobs". I knew when I would hear his slick talking to anyone who would listen to him in all his town hall meeting says, we are all about change. WELL THEN OBAMA MAKE SOME CHANGES FOR THE GOOD.I mentioned 2 paragraphs up about how GAS had rose 17 cents in to days, well here we go again,

We can't build new cars because the market just isn't favorable for it, we can't buy new houses because they're not worth what you have to pay for one. we cant afford mortgages, we cant buy new cars because everyone has a fear anymore that the warranty on it wont be covered, and all these are legitimate worries. But the way I see it is from what I read the stock market is so up and down people are scared to do much of anything there anymore, but I can see one thing they seem not to worry about and that is crude oil prices or raising electric bills and natural gas, heating oil all continue to raise. WE can't buy a car or build them, cant buy a house or pay a mortgage, but our Government will let them milk us out of what little we have left. Through the rising cost of utilities.

Friend I write these articles to get peoples opinions and feed back on how they think things are going or should be, so feel free to comment and leave an opinion at any time and if there is a blog, that I have wrote earlier go back and read them also and comment. That will be fine with me.

So til next time
Thanks jesseb's
Shalom and Peace to Israel

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