Sunday, May 10, 2009

WilsonArt International # 1 world wide

Living in Texas has its up and downs just like any other State. Every city has something to offer, that maybe another doesn't have, take jobs for instance. There are jobs that pay better than others and it takes a miracle to get on there. I grew up in Temple Texas, which I am very proud of. Even though there were several different places that were known for being great places to work, the starting pays were different. You had the choice of several different places to work. We had a Coke plant, Dr Pepper plant, McClain's Grocery distributors, (which Wal-mart bought out), and you can still see their trucks all around America, Cen-Tex ready mix, Scott and White Memorial Hospital, Cement construction jobs galore, and the Mother job was at WilsonArt. A lot of people don't know what WilsonArt does or what they're about. I'd like to do this article about WilsonArt because we were one of the fortunate ones to work for them.

In 1956, WilsonArt International was founded as a producer of high pressure decorative laminate in Temple, Texas by Ralph Wilson Sr., a retired laminate industry executive. Wilson never intended to build a major competitor (the field in those days included 12 domestic competitors), but rather to fill his free time. Throughout the 60's, Wilson's "hobby" grew dramatically through a formula comprised of a dedicated local work force, high-quality products, and an old-fashioned commitment to customer service.

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