Saturday, January 25, 2014

Don't blink, Life is like sands through an hour glass

We all know life is short, we've heard this all our days. As the granules falls through an hour glass at times so slow, yet at others poof and their gone. So are the days of our lives. If it hadn't already happened in time once, I would ask GOD to let time stop again not for just a day, but a week or two so we could catch up on Life. I know that it would be asking something so far fetched and ridiculous that I'll leave it at that. Talking about taking Gods name in vain, with something so meaningless. I ought to be so ashamed for even thinking such thoughts, I'll ask forgiveness and move on. I remember back when I was younger always saying I wish 18 would come, and it did in 1976. We were living in Temple Texas, in a house on a hill where the wind would blow so warm in the summer, yet oh so cold in winter and fall.
Well as many things do 18 came and went. It's like the song Kenny Chesney wrote and sang, (Don't blink). How you fall asleep at 6 years old and wake up your 25. That's the way it is when your 18. You get there and the next thing you know your 21, where did the time go.
This goes to show like sands through an hour glass, don't blink. There are two things for certain in your life, #1 is you'll pay taxes and #2 you'll die. Heck of a combination, huh? Really something to look forward to. When I look back to certain people in my life, I looked up to my Grandpa, as hard as it may be for some to believe. He was an alcoholic, and yes I loved, respected and looked up to him. Even though he was an alcoholic, one thing he did up into the day he passed on was, he didn't let his disease stop him from working, and another he taught me to be a man. Thanks Pops, R.I.P, you are greatly missed and loved. Gosh where did the time go, sometimes I think I blinked way to many times.
Now I think back to the age of 22, to what was the beginning of 22 years of happiness for us, to know who us is, is to know me. It was the day that He (God) called us into the ministry to preach the Word, His word, the very word of God. Yet at various times in my life I had attended church, I think back then I just knew about Him, but really didn't know Him (God). I hope that made sense. We had 22 years I say again that was great, even though there were many valleys on the way to the mountain top, I can still hear the words of a song I loved and is still close to my heart, sang by the Rev. F.C. Barnes and the great Janice Brown. The Rough Side of the Mountain. To me it's a song everyone who professes to be a Child of God should have in their heart. Many times in our ministry, we turned to the song just to make it along with God. Then 1 day we blinked. Maybe none of this means anything to the title of this article, but being a Preacher is the hardest thing in the world to be, all eyes are upon you, and someone is always waiting for you to fall from Grace. As did Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Robert Tilton and so many others who preach the Gospel have done, but made it back. When God blesses you so greatly and gives you everything you ask for, you have a tendency to begin to believe that you're bigger than God, and great is the fall or should I say mighty is the fall.
Wow, like sands through an hour glass don't blink! 21+ 22 = 43 of 50 years, 7 and a half years ago we messed up big time. I hope no one takes this wrong when read, but we have messed away the last few years, I blinked. I guess what bothers us the most is that I have kids who still follows God and a wife who loves Him greatly, and we hinder her from serving Him because we can't find it in us to forgive what we did. I hope we can one day get it right, before Jesus comes back to take His children home. That was then and this is now, forgiven is forgiven. Don't ponder on the past if you blink what then.
Don't Blink, the granules of sand falls faster than you think, Don't blink because before you know it, it's over. Don't blink, for like sand through an hour glass that falls, when it's finished, its done.It like life is a vapor poof and its gone.
Thank you and God bless you all

Shalom and peace to Israel.

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