Sunday, January 26, 2014

Troublesome times are here.

More and more each days we see the signs of the times everywhere. Things are happening that no where in the main stream media we hear about. Any type of media reports would be nice sometimes but what do we expect,when your paid to lie to your own people. I don't mean to blog about Christianity every blog,but what other thing is there to blog about that will take our minds off everyday matters.
To write about the troublesome time is only a warning to those who will listen as we wade through the quagmire of everyday life. Look around us, everywhere we look horrific things are happening, things we, or most of us, thought we would never see. Take for instance at one time no one ever dreamed that the Berlin wall would come down and who would have known that the Soviet Union would be resolved. Ruling dictators have now come and gone only to be replaced with a much wickeder regimes than before. You know we can't talk about what's happening in the world without touching on the things here in the once great United States. We are seeing what other countries have been seeing most of their adult lives. This once mighty country has been declined to a second even closer to a third rate country.
We use to be a country that nations could look up to and depend upon. What are we now nothing more than a laughing stock. Tell me, if we can't even trust our own leadership, who can we trust, who's got our backs? You know the thing we must realize is that the world's conditions won't get any better. The Bible tells us there will be a false prophet and an anti Christ will arise only to make things look rosy for those who will fall for his lies. Yes the Bible does say put your trust in no man, but at the same time it says pray for the leadership and I will because I consider myself a Christian.  I may not be the best but I'm striving to be. It's hard to pray for the leadership of a country when you have to ask yourself what leadership. Yes I use to bash Obama until I realize that Bush and Clinton and many other leaders were no better. Am I bashing America ? ( NO WAY), this is the country I was born and raised in but I do have the right (for now), to gripe and complain. Yet at the same time I see things happening that the Prophets, Apostles and Jesus forewarned us about. No I can not leave Jesus out of a blog.  He is our only hope that every human being will not be annihilated.
Yes sir troublesome times are here, filling men's hearts with fear. Well those who do care. Remember that old movie where Robin Williams says, "Good morning Vietnam"?  Well folks this blog is to tell you "Good morning World".  It's time we awake from this stupor and fog that has blinded our hearts, eyes,and minds for so long. When we went to war in Iraq we opened a can of worms that should have never been opened. Like Vietnam, we got out of that one, but at a cost of thousands of Americans, as well as the enemies deaths.
Yes, look at us now!  Truly troublesome times are truly here. If you listen real close you can hear the lion and bear roaring setting the tone for the Great day of the Lord Almighty. Iraq, Iran, um let's just say it this way, the entire Middle East and the West are in a state of turmoil. I hate having to say this but everyone in America agreed that 9/11 was a wake up call for the American people. But I have to ask! Who's woke up from it ???? Not a soul in our leadership in Washington. The only reason the world as we know it is still here is because the Almighty God lets it be. I know many will say why is He (God) so horrible? He's not He is letting mankind play right into His (God's) hands.There is so much corruption in the world today there really is no safety but in God. The world as a whole is in a state of deep, deep moral decay. America we aren't the only one in this state but we have become the leader of this cesspool we call life. Abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage and killing, terrorism everywhere. I do have to tip my hat to Putin, for saying that he would nuke Mecca, (over terrorism). He would be the one to do it.
Yes, troublesome times are here. Friends, there is turmoil in the air and believe you me if it hasn't made it to your neck of the woods, just wait it's coming. this may chap a whole lot of peoples hides  and it probably will never take place but then again it may. We are in a time of not only culture wars but spiritual warfare also. We use to see people only talk about Catholics but today we read daily of a cult that the early roman empire created (Islam). Islam is a dangerous subject to start on but let it be said it is the most dangerous of all religions or cults. Enough on that. With all this being said, keep your eyes to the skies for our redeemer draws near. Yep boy howdy troublesome time are here.  
Yes watch the east its all a matter of time.

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