Friday, January 24, 2014

Microwave Preaching bring forth, Microwave Churches and Christians

For there isn't any other foundation save for the one that is been built by the rock of Salvation, by the cornerstone, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. (1Peter 2:1-3)
I was listening to a preacher recently, a preacher who says he prefer to call himself a motivational speaker,
I am just going to let it out of my chest,
It is sad to see how our few Christian television channels have been invaded by self appointed apostles and prosperity moguls who blatantly push their deceptive speeches about a Jesus who does not come from the Bible.
The trend has been around for a while now, but as it gains momentum, new styles and new doctrines continue to be developed to attract the naive and the desperate, who is looking for a carnal solution to their spiritual problems.
And a new wave of false prophets has just been started by a North American "Pastor" who even prefers to be called a motivational speaker; thus bringing further deception into the pews. And the trend has already caught up in Latin America, where already a few are following the same practice.
You hear them speaking and it sounds so real that anybody would buy it. Their way of sugar coating Jesus is so sweet that it would easily deceive even the elect
They manufacture a doctrine at the drop of a hat, and speak of a Jesus who sounds real to those who do not test their message by the word.
It saddens me even more to see how people run hysterically after these messengers of Satan, many of which are so enthrone in their own kingdom that they do not even realize they have already condemned themselves and their followers to the fire of hell
Thousands upon thousands of believers are following these deceptive trends, and are being sold a Christ, who offers them riches, and longevity, and glory, and absence of pain and suffering. They are being offered a Hollywood Christ who is going to make their lives perfect on this earth, who is going to solve all their problems, pay all their bills, take away all their illnesses, and bring love and peace and enlightenment to their self centered lives. Their blindness condemns them as it condemns those cheap merchants of lies and deception.
This Christ those prestidigitators are trying to sell does not exist; it is an illusion, a magic trick straight from Hell.
The Christ of the Bible does not offer Microwave Christianity; He does not cater to the ego centered, quick-fix driven motives of the worldly man. Those followers of drive through salvation are lost and in need to be found; and the preachers of Satan who are catering to them belong in the eternal furnace of Hell.
The sissy effeminate, manicured Christ of pop culture, is just an invention of the spiritually lame and the lost, and of those who seek to cash in on the ignorance of the masses and their lust for security without commitment. This Frozen food Christ does not exist.
The Christ I know, the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, the redeemer, is the same Christ presented to us throughout the whole Bible, the one who fulfilled all Old Testament prophesies. He is the alpha and the Omega, the Morning Star, the Word made flesh. And He gives us in His word a way of life that is beyond any dream, and which brings us to true enlightenment, and the true knowledge of God.
There is no magic wand or secret spell, there is no healing potion or blessed clothe, there is only Jesus, the Jesus of the Cross, the Jesus of Calvary, the Jesus who tell us to take our Cross and follow Him, the Jesus who tells us that we will be persecuted the way he was persecuted, the Jesus who tells us to sell everything and follow Him, the Jesus who tells us that no liars or immoral or selfish persons or Idolaters will enter the Kingdom of heaven,
That is the Jesus I know
The Jesus I know teaches us to be His servants, to be the least so that we can become the greatest, He teaches us to love our neighbors more than we love ourselves, he teaches us to have extreme compassion for the sick and the lame, and the hungry, and to be a witness of His word to the lost.
The Jesus I know calls us to conform to his commandments, and his commandments are thick with self sacrifice and sanctity.
Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you will know what the will of the father is, His good and perfect will. (Romans 12...)
The Jesus I know is offering us spiritual victory, spiritual peace, spiritual riches, spiritual health, and most importantly, spiritual blitz and life eternal.
But all of this comes at a price, it is a free gift which we have to earn, by living a life of abandonment, a life of committed devotion, a life of prayerful meditation and study of his word, a life where the fruit of the spirit become a way of life, become second nature.
If you want a secret formula, here is one... Be reconciled to God, by abandoning your wicked ways, and embracing the Jesus of the Bible, Pure and simply.
As for those merchants from Hell; let them go where they belong, their due judgment will come, and unless they repent and change their ways, their father the devil will have a feast with them. In which they will be the menu!

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