Friday, October 15, 2010

Who am I

  You know as I begin to write this blog, It really never accrued to me even though I have heard at all my life and even preached it for many years that words we speak even in joking or jest cuts deeper sometimes then words spoken in seriousness and anger. especially when they come from someone who says they  truly love you. It could be a Wife,a Husband, a Friend, a Family member, a Boyfriend, Girlfriend and so on you all get the picture. A lot of people all over the world has often heard the words, You will never be anything or amount to anything in life, Or your a nobody. now aren't those pretty harsh words .Don't they just cut to the bone.
  I am attending GED classes which I shouldn't have to be doing if I had been smarter and made better decisions in my life as a youth. but then again as I look back was it the words spoken or said, or actions or events in my life and maybe even yours that caused us to do the  things we did or do, or is it merely an excuse to blame someone else for our failures. Well I believe that we sometimes have to step back and reevaluate thing of the past in our lives to see. Remember we're not looking for excuses but only mere reality. Things said in harshness and hatefully . Was it mere words spoken to us in our youth that transformed our very minds into thinking and believing that hey maybe I will never be or amount to any thing. Who am I
   I had a Dear friend tell me a few weeks ago that I was a nobody, well I never said I was, but those word cut deep and  set off an firestorm of emotions in me that hurt to my very core, Words that I had heard all my life. But maybe  my friend was right, maybe to them I am a nobody, maybe in their eyes I will never be anything or amount to anything in life. Should I care about what they say or people think. Well Friends sometimes word again I say spoken jokingly or in jest have vicious consequence. First let me say before I go on ! That i wasn't going to mention any scriptures from the Bible in this blog. But I guess I have to.
   The Bible says And you all will have to look up the scripture and it is in the Bible, IF A MAN OR WOMAN THINKS THEMSELVES to be something then they are nothing. In other words it is saying that if someone thinks to be high and mightier than anyone else a somebody in their own eyes, they are in DANGER of a mighty fall. It isn't saying not to think of yourself somebody or anything, just be careful in the way you think of yourself because There is one way way greater then we, Who makes a somebody. and gives us the ability to do them. Yeah a lot of folks are born smarter and richer, some are born not so rich and or smart who go on to make something of their selves then has the nerve to tell them their a nobody well who are they, they are people who have forgotten where they have come from, and needs a reality check in their life. Nobody has the right to tell anyone they will never be anything or amount to anything.
 I guess the reason I am writing this blog is. I was told I would be nothing as I have wrote. My GED teacher told me twice this week that I wasn't as dumb as I thought I was.  That I just lack the confidence to believe in myself to know that I can do things. So the diliema  is Is it or was it being told all my youthful years that I wouldn't be anything in Life. People kids are precious and maybe I shouldn't say this but I will some people shouldn't have kids, and some should. If you have kids encourage them that they can be anything in life they want to be. But also Let them know that no matter how much money they have or how smart they are. Do not look down on the little people. Because everybody can be anything they wan't to be in life. I guess i have chose to finally become something at 52 years of age. hopefully if  God should hold off His Sons return I will be something and somebody someday just like the friend who thinks themselves to be something.

Ok Now that I am finished
Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem
till next time jesseb


  1. Very on time blog Jesse. All I can say to this, is 1) I pray it wasn't something I said because I would never ever intentionally hurt anyone, 2) I know and remember where I came from, the devil keeps trying to remind me lol. Mostly though what I want to tell you is YOU have always been somebody to God and to a lot of people, it's like your teacher telling you that you are smarter than you think you are. You just haven't been able to accept that some people, family, friends etc accept you and love you for who you are. There may be those who don't but just maybe it's because there is something inside them, like the ones that told you that you would never amount to anything. They were the ones with the problem, not you.
    I agree with you, children are precious and words stay with them forever where sometimes actions don't. God bless you.