Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Promise March 23 1985

  Yea my son I speak unto thee this night, My eyes have been upon you from thy beginning and I say unto thee, thy place in my Church has been established long before thou wast ever known. And I say unto thee this night my servant, I have seen thee in times hard and when thou wast good ground. And I say unto thee this night for thy perseverance ,for thy faith, and for thy determination, I say unto thee this night. I make thee a promise.  Thus saith The Lord of Hosts.
 That I will bring about a fire upon the such as not been seen in many days ago, And I would bring thy people, thy relatives, thy kin to eat at the table with thee, and I would make thy enemies  put under thy footstool.
   For thus saith the Lord of Hosts,Whom I choose and whom I ordain are those who will fight in my Kingdom. And thus saith the Lord of hosts ,again I say unto thee my servant before thou ever was, and before thy wast ever known, I had a place for thee in my Kingdom for thee. and thus saith the Lord tonight, Thou hast grown.
  I say unto thee falter not, trip not, stumble not but stand strong on My word, And I will put a fire on thy lips and Place a fire in thy eyes, I will make thy feet as white as sheep's wool,and as white as the Lamb, Saith the Lord of hosts. I will make thee to run as thou hast never run before saith the Lord of hosts this night unto thee.
   I have seen thee and what God has ordained let NO MAN PUT DOWN. My son remember this is what I promise you.

You know I have faltered some, tripped some and even stumbled along the way. But one thing I can truly say is God is still my God . He will always be #1 in my life even when I do stumble trip and fall, He has alway been there to pick me up, dust me off and forgive me. YES I do still stand upon this Promise .YES I do. Even though it was promised over 25 years ago. I have the fire, now Lord give me the desire I pray. Now what I do from now on with this promise is up to me. God my love for you has never wavered. Please continue to look over and guide my life. In Jesus name I ask this. AMEN

Shalom and Pray for the Peace Of Jerusalem.
Till  next time jesseb

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  1. What an awesome word from God. You are truly a blessed and annointed man Jesseb, I have never doubted that. My prayers are continually to the Lord for you to be able to pick up your cross and walk continuously and steadfastly with Him, no matter where else you go in life. I stand in agreement with you for the Lord to increase your desire (I believe He is already answering that). God bless you my dear friend. His will be done in your life, mine and those of both of our family. Jesus is coming soon and very soon. God bless.