Friday, January 24, 2014

The Gates of Hell can't stop it.

Yesterday I posted that my beliefs are based on the early church (Church of God) that was established by the Apostles after Christ Jesus's death known as the early church. It has survived as Jesus said it would, that the gates of hell will never be able to defeat it. Folks I (we) said I (we) was and I (we) are and am Church of God. Nothing before it ,nothing after. This is the Church that the Roman Catholic Church had no authority over. It went through the Reformation period underground and unscathed (meaning wholly unharmed or not injured). Satan has tried ever since it's inception, meaning (beginning; start), to destroy it and has not prevailed. Millions of men and women have died and been killed to uphold the truth set down by Jesus from the Father up above. There is one leader of this Church, I am not the leader,but only a follower and believer of it. For Christ Jesus is the leader the corner stone the builders rejected. I am not (NOT)a part of the Worldwide Church of God, nor am I any part of the United, Living or the Restored, churches of God. We are not of the church of god that does not keep the 7th day Sabbath. I have studied and searched out their doctrines that is why we let the Holy Spirit (GHOST) guide us in everything we search out to keep us from being deceived. Finding out the truth of God can be compared to two things.

#1 You have to be like a Lead Investigator in a Homicide (following all leads).
#2 And a Spiritual Scavenger Hunt to find all the clues, (To uncover the mysteries and truth)
I truly believe that we find the truths of God, (here a little there a little). Jesus spoke in parables to confound the WISE ,those of great education and learning . Confound is to --- bewilder somebody: to puzzle or confuse somebody ,make things worse: to cause a confused situation to become even more confused to refute something: to prove somebody or something to be wrong
Friends I know it is to hard to give up customs and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation I truly do. I see millions daily, monthly, year in and year out, fight against the truths of God. I am in no way judging or condemning you. All I am saying is search out your denominations and beliefs. There are churches of god that aren't true churches of God .When you find a true Church of God, the Spirit will let you know. Customs and traditions can't and will not get you into the Kingdom of God, but the truth of God will.

Study a little harder, dig a little deeper, search, seek and knock and it will be open to you.

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