Thursday, January 29, 2009

The United states of JESSE

As I began to get the idea for this blog, it seemed strange to me yet rather funny, that a television show could be so funny but so true. If your reading this blog, I have to ask have you seen the show, The United States of Tara? It's about a woman who has multiple personalities. At one moment she's a loving Mom, then if something goes wrong , it triggers another personality to surface. She describes it to a tee on the show by saying, "it's a little like having a keg party going on in your head and you are the only sober one". Some people think that multiple personalities are a farce or joke. That it has to do with mood swings. Multiply personalities or D.I.D (Disassociative Identity Disorder) just another medical term for it. A condition that is brought on by a traumatic incident or incidents, that has occurred in a person's life. In the movie it shows her (Tara that is) having at least 4 different people inside one body. There is Tara, the host, then a snobby highly intelligent, prim an proper lady named Alice, there's a whacked out teen with a young slutty personality named T that thinks that since she is part of the body, sex , sex ,and more sex shouldn't have any boundaries no matter who it's with. Then there's a dude named Buck who also lives inside, "he" dresses like a man, ball cap, t-shirt or shirt with the sleeves cut out, drinks beer, smokes and at any time, he'll kick anyone's butt. Multiple personalities are brought on from different happenings in one's life.

First let it be known at this very moment. I am not an authority on this matter. Let's just say I've been around this for sometime now. I believe that it has been determined that people who go through traumatic episodes as a child and even growing up, get screwed up, by being raped, molested, physically, mentally, sexually abused, as well as other things. They need to get help such as therapy, counseling, medication if needed, (and most time are needed). But most don't, they are forced to live their life in a living Hell. The reason I say I am not an authority, on the matter is because my thinking isn't the same as theirs. How about a multiple living with a multiple lol an as Forrest Gump would say, "that's all i got to say about that".

What is trauma or traumatic, what are their meanings. It is an emotional shock or extremely distressing experience that causes severe extreme shock, and a long lasting physiological effect by someone who has been sexually, mentally, or physically abused once or over a period of time. So whether you except a person that has D.I.D or multiple personalities, that is your prerogative.
There are such people and it is real.

Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously referred to as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a disorder involving a disturbance of identity in which two or more separate and distinct personality states (or identities) control the individual's behavior at different times. When under the control of one identity, the person is usually unable to remember some of the events that occurred while other personalities were in control. The different identities, referred to as alters, may exhibit differences in speech, mannerisms, attitudes, thoughts, and gender orientation. The alters may even differ in "physical" properties such as allergies, right-or-left handedness, or the need for eyeglass prescriptions. These differences between alters are often quite striking.

The person with DID may have as few as two alters, or as many as 100. The average number is about 10. Often alters are stable over time, continuing to play specific roles in the person's life for years. Some alters may harbor aggressive tendencies, directed toward individuals in the person's environment, or toward other alters within the person.

At the time that a person with DID first seeks professional help, he or she is usually not aware of the condition. A very common complaint in people with DID is episodes of amnesia, or time loss. These individuals may be unable to remember events in all or part of a proceeding time period. They may repeatedly encounter unfamiliar people who claim to know them, find themselves somewhere without knowing how they got there, or find items that they don't remember purchasing among their possessions.

Often people with DID are depressed or even suicidal, and self-mutilation is common in this group. Approximately one-third of patients complain of auditory or visual hallucinations. It is common for these patients to complain that they hear voices within their head.

Treatment for DID consists primarily of psychotherapy with hypnosis. The therapist seeks to make contact with as many alters as possible and to understand their roles and functions in the patient's life. In particular, the therapist seeks to form an effective relationship with any personalities that are responsible for violent or self-destructive behavior, and to curb this behavior. The therapist seeks to establish communication among the personality states and to find ones that have memories of traumatic events in the patient's past. The goal of the therapist is to enable the patient to achieve breakdown of the patient's separate identities and their unification into a single identity.

Retrieving and dealing with memories of trauma is important for the person with DID, because this disorder is believed to be caused by physical or sexual abuse in childhood. Young children have a pronounced ability to disassociate, and it is believed that those who are abused may learn to use disassociation as a defense. In effect, the child slips into a state of mind in which it seems that the abuse is not really occurring to him or her, but to somebody else. In time, such a child may begin to split off alter identities. Research has shown that the average age for the initial development of alters is 5-9 years.

It is not mentioned in the article that alters or insiders, can and may be forced to take over the everyday life of the host at times when the host can no longer cope with everyday life or matters, when certain things are said, or certain past matters are mentioned it sends them in a tail spin. Which brings us to this.

Welcome to the United states of Jesse. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jobi Lee LeVeck and I am an alter and this my story according to none other than Yours truly. At this time ,I am tired, I am weary, and I am worn, and because my Leader or host is not mentally or physically able at this time to live his own life, I am doing my best I hope to live it for him. I look into the mirror everyday, well just about everyday, and see a person I am not. I am 30 years of age living in an 50 year old body, Yikes. As it may be I am married to a beautiful lady named (Tawana). Who really deserves to have her true husband back. (Hello in there lol ), deserves better (author's opinion), than what she has. It seems that, I guess, we are partially integrated at this time. I am suffering from a severe form of uni-polar disorder, the same as Jesse (my host) would be if he were here, and it is one hell of a disorder. I see me. Everyone else see's him (Jesse). I guess the only 2 that hasn't seen Jesse is 2 of the grand kids Logan and Kaiti poo. I am just 1 of 9 if you count Jesse. There's me, hello, there's my goofy twin Joey aka (the horn dog), Darrell, Ron, (who is in lock down), Ralph, Jeffy, the baby, (Jr.), and then there's the Preacher Job (which is to strict). What a combo huh? At least I haven't seen any women or girls in there, thank goodness. Not to offend anyone, but having multiple personalities, is a little like being a Gay or Lesbian, once you come out of the closet everybody knows lol. Each and everyone of us are unique, we came about at a very difficult traumatic time i may say in Jesse's life. I really at this time don't care to tell the long story about how we came to be. We just are. But if you're ever down around Southeast Oklahoma, about 90 miles North of the Red River, stop in I may tell ya about it. Well that's about it for now.

There are countless thousands who suffer from D.I.D., most commonly known as ( MPD) multiple personality disorder. If you ever run into a person who has the disorder, it may seem a little strange at first. Don't run, they're still a human being too. You probably won't know it, at least not at first.

Once again if you're ever down Southeast Okie way, stop, I might just tell ya about it. Now ya'll come back ya hear.


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