Monday, February 2, 2009

It's that time again,sports sucks

I was sitting here thinking about the Superbowl, after it had just concluded. That after the Pro Bowl next week, Football season will be over, seven months till we see it again, (football that is). We still have the draft April 28 & 29 though. Congrats Steelers on your victory. Even though I had hoped the Cardinals would win. I really don't know what will happen to them this off season, whether they will bring Warner back or not, I really can't even begin to predict how they'll do, even if he comes back. But tonight it's hats off to Pittsburg. It is tough when you like both teams but only one can win. But that's in every sport there is.

I believe its basketball season now, I guess that's OK, I really don't watch it much since I don't get all my teams games (which is the Dallas Mavericks) and I do have to admit I like LeBron James, he's a beast on the hardwood, wish the Mav's had him. But I can't really get into basketball ,until it comes to playoff time, most of the games are shown on basic television.

not paying extra to watch all the games. Go Mav's lol. I have a lot of gripes when it comes to sports, it seems all the sports run together, meaning Football isn't over and here comes basketball, and then here comes baseball.

Well, there is one sport that does wait it's turn, and after the last 2 or 3 years it seems a lot of folks are beginning to lose interest in it. That's Nascar. It seems to me that ever since they lost the Winston sponsorship it's been headed south fast. Remember the (Winston Cup) ? I can't figure out how in the hell people get away, with things that they do. They probably wouldn't get away with things, but one has to remember Spy Gate in football. Nascar has become a bunch of cry babies that screwed the sport up. Take Crew Chiefs for instance, Nascar needs to adopt a stronger policy against Crew Chiefs who alter the way Nascar mandates car set up rules. Yes I realize that Nascar fines the Owners points and sometimes money and fines the Crew Chief money and suspends them so many races. Well what is the difference, a driver wrecks, another driver puts him in the wall, he gets fined, driver points taken, and money, and put on probation the rest of the year. They have it worse than the Owner or Crew Chief. What chaps my butt is, when they find a car that has been altered, whether in practice, qualifying, happy hour, or even after the races completion, (and yes I know they confiscate the car if in violation), well they ought to go 1 step further and confiscate the freaken Car Chief. In football they have a 3 strike rule and your done. From reading up on Nascar, I came across an article about a certain Crew Chief who had been caught cheating at every level of racing that Nascar has Governed. I feel that the next time he or his car is in violation suspend him for life, its time Nascar puts a stop to this crap. But then again we see who pays who.

Now that I have beat that horse to death, lets beat another, Baseball stink's. What ever happened to the days of Hank Aaron or Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Willie Stargall, Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Henry Lou Gehrig, Satchel Paige, Ernie Banks, Stan the man Musial. Oh I could name so many. When baseball was as American as chevrolet, hotdogs and apple pie. Where did (those) days go? Well we live in a day when every player is overrated, and payed quadruple of their worth. Baseball has lost it's luster. Sorry most won't agree with me. We have taken on the mentality of whatever it takes to win. Lets use Al Davis's motto, "just win baby". Hey what I'm about to say next is about every sport there is, even the game I love so much, whether it be Baseball, Football, Hockey and any other sport that chooses to go on strike. Leave the players there at the strike line's, America, their not hurting themselves or the owner's, its the Fans that are getting hurt, having to miss their favorite sport, because of a bunch of crying, sniveling, overly inflated Egoed player of today..The very image, the very game that the Robinsons, Gehrigs, Aarons, Ruths, Mantles and all the rest of the greatest players to play the game had created, is now marred with scandal such as lies, steroids and cover-ups. Now thats about as American as it gets!
I know that that there are other sports, golf I love, but soccer, futbol, hockey, rugby, lacrosse. you can enjoy all ya want to. I'll pass.
Well football season will be over next Sunday, darn it. Nascar is next, starts the week after next. I'll probably force myself to watch the first two real races of the season so I can see how my favorite driver is doing, (Tony Stewart, now that he's an owner driver). I'll skip the bud shoot out, I can read about that in the sports, because as said earlier I ain't paying extra to watch any sports. Ha ha, then it will be on Fox, hee hee. I can watch racing and I'll save money to in doing so.

WELL friends (It's that time again, Sports sucks) Until next time Bye for now.

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