Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pedal to the metal, and give it hell

I remember in the day when you went to buy a car, a car is what you got. A Camaro was a muscle car, an Impala was used for a low rider. Chevy Novas were the bomb, souped up. Malibu convertible was for cruisin' the boulevard and let's not forget the Olds 422, what a car! Dairy Queen was the meeting place, and Sonic was the hang out.

My first 2 cars were Ford products, a 1978 Mercury Monterey with dual exhausts, it was a tug boat, lol. Man that car would fly. Engine size didn't matter, I was set to roll, even without a drivers license. I didn't get one til I was .... For some reason that car didn't last but maybe a month, I can't remember. I think it might have been that drinking had something to do with it, (yes it was legal to drink at 18 back then). I had a friend with me one night who just had to see his girl, (to me at that time, women or girls didn't matter). I don't know if going 135 miles an hour, on a rainy road, or the curb we couldn't, or I couldn't negotiate, or if was it the 7 metal t-post I ran over, we were headed for a field but luckily I got out before the cops showed up. I think that the drinking, speeding, rainy road the curb and metal fence post, might have taken it's toll after I got it out of the field. When your young and dumb you really don't think of things like what's that sound of dragging under your car, or what's that loud clicking sound, untilllllllll the motor goes kaboommm, and you raise the hood and the manifold is red as cherries with a hole the size of a basketball, then you know you killed your car, (damn car killer). pedal to the metal baby. Man that car was a tug, but it would fly. Took 2 years to get the money to fix that car and it never ran right after that (putt putt poof), gone, dead, it's outta here.

Then there was my next ford, a 1978 Torino Hatchback, now this is the car I really loved, and if I ever own a ford again I'd want one just like it, minus the dent. puttin pedal to the metal. It also had a 351 clevend engine, jacked in the back, 5os on the rear and one hauling ass car, and it was to much for me, and yes, even (or especially) when you been drinking. It was an ugly green color, had a dent on the driver's side fender, next to the headlight. I didn't know how to do body work so I just primed it gray. I thought it was slick, but then again there was that drinking thing.
I had stolen my buddies girl, (well maybe not stolen, I think she got tired of him), well she lived in the country on a dirt road. I was drinking again, and there was a curb, (you probably know where this is going don't ya?), yep you guessed it, in the ditch, on the passenger side. I don't know if it was the same ditch that hit the driver side, but it made the same dent on the passenger side. even more pedal, we pulled it out, I drove it to the house and washed it off, got out my primer sprayed it, and then my car had a set of eyes or that's what it looked like, lol. Well it did look like that to me. I had a couple of problems with that car, it would always run hot, leak oil all the time, couldn't keep the points set. Never figured that out, but by that time... well let's wait on that. I could run that car with no oil showing on the dip stick, (by now ya'll probably thinking I'm one (dipstick, lol). It ran hot but hardly ever ran out of water, but you know that's not what killed my second car, may it R.I.P. It may be someone else's car again, or tin on someone's barn, metal in a street light or guard rail somewhere. It may also be dead again by now. But what killed that car was driving down this bumpy ass road 65 mph in a 20, hit a pot hole and the dang disc brake spindle broke and the wheel, tire and rim, everything flew off, it went one way we went the other. That day the dukes of hazard had nothing on us, it was a wild ride. (Yahoo).

I've owned 2 fords, 1 dodge, and a lot of chevys and 1 buick, that had a little v-6. It rattled, knocked, smoked and still ran til I got rid of it, talk about Varoooooom, yeah that's what I'm talking about. Then there was the 68 chevy long bed pick up. Man it looked like crap, down right (shit), it didn't run fast but it got the job done. Never can remember why I got rid of it. Yes, i do now but we ain't going there either, lol. Then there was a '91 chevy p/u it was nice til the first oil change after that it smoked like a damn dragon, next a '74 chevy 3/4 ton, when I first got it, it ran great, screwed up and I traded it in. The dealer sold it to a young guy who ragged it out in 3 months. I got it back when I was doing repo work (dangerous work). I had that damn truck 3 more years, and I lie to you not, it seemed I put head gaskets on that truck once every month, until, yes you guessed it, again I killed it, yes another head gasket which proved fatal, lol. I lost that truck on highway 69/75/35 South. Yeaaaaa.

But, times change and things change, now me and my wife have 2 pickups, one is a '95-Z71, other is a 2004-Z71. Their both mine now lol, she can't drive. Well, I don't do driving to well either so I guess it works out, lol. We get where we need to go, and when we go it's pedaling the medal and given it hell, lol. (Times really have changed though, no drinking, ditches or t-posts for me). A tiny bit of wisdom with age. lol.

Can anyone besides me remember when a car was a car, or a truck was a truck. When if you had to, you could do more than just change the spark plugs or change the oil. For a while there I thought they were fixing them to where we couldn't even change the headlights or bulbs if needed. Well some would say they do still make cars, sure they do if your a certified mechanic, GM certified or Ford or Dodge. I've heard this past weekend that it's getting to where a lot of smaller mechanics are not being able to work on the newer cars and going out of business. That's freaken' sad. Its a shame, I see on television, or on the internet and its true, that Chevy, Ford and Dodge are in dire need of cash, and need billions of dollars to survive. Well ya know, a lot of people, (if they read this I don't care), every one of them, brought themselves to this point by paying millions of dollars to presidents, chairmen and ceos of these damn companies. The engineers, draftsman, who ever recommends all this shit they put in vehicles today are paid to much also. Even the workers who assemble this shit they're building make to much. There isn't a friggen' car made that is worth more than $5,000 at most. Cut back the bonuses, over paying them then help them out. And if you don't have an American name such as Chevy, Ford, or Dodge, run them the hell out of the USA. Bottom line, if you ain't putting it the metal you ain't movin'. I myself think it's time we bring back the varooommm (to Chevy esp.), then Ford and Dodge, and I am in no way partial to Chevy, (yes I am). The winningest manufacterer in Nascar.
Chevy - Eatin' Dodges and shittin' Fords.
So until we make it back to write again have a great day.
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Shalom and Peace to Israel

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