Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My scrambled mind

It seems every time I begin to write I am always sitting on my butt at the computer, lol, but where else would I be to write? Sometimes it takes a while for me to think of what I am trying to write about and when I do begin to write it takes forever to finish and often becomes a book. I really like to write about what comes to mind even though to some it may not mean anything to anyone, and I hope that is alright. The highlights of my blog say that I like to read and write everything from Christ to the Federal Reserve and I think I have hit on a few of them. I like writing about the shape the world is in but at times it just plain makes me angry and I always come away sounding like I am judging everyone and all.

I really enjoy reading blogs of those who are down to earth, family type blogs, even though I may never have the right words to answer back in a comment. I really enjoy them. There are people on here that I follow I really love to read. I guess I'm not much of the online business type cause I can never understand what anyone is ever trying to explain, and I guess I really do need a MANUAL that is called online businesses for double dummies, cause I just can't get it. I love reading people's blogs who show different pictures and visiting other countries. I guess I am a hienz fifty-seven type reader.

There is nothing like reading a great blog that comes from the heart, from people who are real. Being able to seek help and not try to cover it up. Writing from the heart. Heck friends we all have troubles and talking about them out loud is nothing to ashamed of that I see, so I wish all the ones I follow online would write more so I could read more. Whether it's a line or a hundred lines please write. Well I guess I've said what came to my mind so my online blogger friends write more and post more pic's pleaseeeee.

thanks jesseb's
Shalom and Peace to I srael


  1. Hello Jesseb,

    It's nice meeting you. What a great blog you have! It seems we have a few things in common. I love down-to-earth people, and I enjoy reading about what is happening in their life. I love pictures, too. They tell us a lot about the person posting them. And I truly appreciate when someone shares a part of their heart with me. Whether in happiness, or in their deepest despair, I'm always willing to listen to what their words tell me.

    I enjoyed my visit with you today. I'll stop back by.(smile)

    'Til next time,

  2. I think this post is safe to comment on - any other would probably lead to an argument, and blog comment forms are not ideal for that :)

    ...not really sure why I'm leaving this comment at all, I just really felt like saying I disagree with some of the things you write without actually saying what they are :)