Thursday, May 21, 2009

kids kids kids do the strangest things

We've all heard the old saying kids say the darndest things, yeah they also do the strangest, stupidest things at times. I have 3 kids I love very much and an extended family of 3 plus 10 grandkids. Dang I feel so old, lol But they're all good kids I guess, I'll let you know when I get 70 or 75 years old and if they ain't put me in a nursing home by then, they'll all be great kids. My son Matthew is turning 25 this year and when we do talk I love it when he says trust me, I really do he's a good young man. He'll be 25 and getting married in September to a beautiful, smart, warm hearted young lady, she'll keep him in line lol for sure. Then I have an eldest daughter I love very much but don't get to talk to her or my grand kids there very often but I guess she's a good girl also. But I think she's a momma's girl, no offense intended. I have 3 beautiful grand daughters from her and a very handsome grandson who looks to much like his dad,lol, and has killer blue eyes, her husband's a good man too, I Love them so much. And to my problem child she 28 she's an alright kid but has severe issues lol, I have 2 handsome grandsons from her great kids, strange momma, lol

This one is a very strange, strange, and strange girl, Her grandpa used to have this saying I adopted, It's "take my advice, or do what you damn well please". Guess what? Yeah y'all probably figured it out already, she's a do as she damn well pleases, lol. She's a great girl also, she just has this weird saying she says all the time, it's "I wish I'D listened to my dad". Dang it girl how many times have we heard that? uhhhhh 4 or 5 or more, lol. Well you know the Bible says to train up a child in the way he or she should go and when their old they will come back to it, but jeez where did this girl got her training from? I don't remember any of this stuff the way she does, lol. I won't go into details I don't want to embarrass her, so when I say kids do the strangest, stupidest things y'all can read between the lines ok. I'll leave it at that. lol

well by for now jesseb's


  1. I'll try this again!! Yes kids do and say some of the strangest things but we still love them and they will come back to the way they were brought up, (all of them, yours and mine). :)

  2. Hey, Mr. Jesse. How are you? Lol, you have good kids since their Dad is a good person. Let your grandchildren be like that and do what kids usually do because they'll never be like that in the rest of their lives. God bless you. :)

  3. you;ve been a nice dad which is why you also have a lot of grandsons and daughters.

    yep they do say the strangest things but what the heck, you just gotta love them :)

  4. Hi, Thought Id stop by and I see you havent been posting latetly. I wasnt either I lost my password too! But was able to get in to blogger finally!. Hope to see more posts.