Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fathers Love

Good morning all, I hope this finds all doing well. As I awoke this morning within me I felt something wrong. The Spirit within me seemed to be heavy and grieved, for what I do not know. But I feel sad for the world we live in today, not because of the shape it's in today, I can't do anything about it, that part was foretold many years ago. I guess its because I hate the enemy so much and can see all the hurt, deception, and destruction of the human race. I'm not talking about cancers, aids, herpes, or any other diseases humans have to face. But the moral decay that we have become. I am sad for all who may never find Jesus Christ as their Savior, and for those who profess to know him and really don't. For God hast said that those who truly loves Him are those who keep His Laws and Commandments and writes them on the tables of their hearts.

You know its one thing to know [of] God, but its totally different to [know] God. For all my passed years of thinking that I really [knew] God, today I feel that I really didn't know him like I should have. Yes God did do a lot of things in the past to show me who he was. But I really, I guess, never grasped just who He was, is, and will always be. Since I've turned my life back to Him, I have finally realized that I have needed a Dad, a Father figure in my life. Maybe if we would have truly excepted God as a Father, I could have been a better Dad, because there is nothing like a Fathers Love, and nothing he wouldn't do for his child.

For John 3: 16 has said all along, - For God so loved the world, that, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Friends there is nothing like a Fathers love. Then I think back to all He has done not only for me in the past but others also, and and wonder if just saying thank you God is enough. For He is my Father first, and my God. I have a brother that is a true brother in Jesus on whom I know, He will never turn on me. thank you God. We go throughout our lives though, thinking of God as only a God of love. (Which is a true saying.) Then He opened my eyes in a scripture. In Revelations Chapter 3, For those who I love, I chastise. He will not be afraid to correct us.

Like I have said already in this blog that I knew OF God, but didn't know God. All my life I professed to know Him, but it would be so easy to walk away and turn from Him. And I will never be a poster boy for the Kingdom of God but I'm striving, that's all I can do. That's all we can all do is strive. But God loves us all, for He is a God of love, but he will chastise [correct] us. If we would really think about it and give some thought to it. There is really a short list of things He expects from us.

If we expect a Fathers love should we not obey Him? In Exodus 20, He gave ten commandments which are not hard or stressful. People believe Jesus did away with them but not really, He said he didn't come to destroy the Laws and Commandments of God, He just explained them properly. The first four are for our service to God, and the last six are for our duty to men, Jesus said we are to love God with all our heart, our mind, and soul. Those are the first four commandments, and to love and treat men, the way you want to be treated, these are the last six commandments.

The list to gain the Love of God

#1 God said if you love me, keep my laws and commandments. Not the commandments and doctrines of men.

#2 Trust solely in Him and Jesus. [ and put not your trust in man]

#3 Believe that Jesus is the true and only Son of God and believe the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God and Christ.

I may have only covered 3 things, but they are essential to finding the true love of God.

A Fathers love goes a whole lot deeper and further than I can ever explain, but just maybe if we truly do service to God, He will truly show his love towards us.

til next time,

A Fathers Love

Shalom and peace to Israel

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