Monday, November 16, 2009

What are they thinking ????

You know when I gave my heart back to God, I know we are not supposed to (even though I have known for a long time) run down, put down or even talk bad about our elected officials in any way, but pray for them. And I am still not going to put them down and so on and on and on, BUTTTT, What are they thinking? Whose idea was it to bring these (supposedly just 5) terrorists to America to stand trial? If I am not mistaken, it could be well over 150 of them. Man the people wanted change, well we are all getting it whether we wanted it or not.

I guess years ago when I began to first serve the only true living, undying God, and began to seek Him for the truth and nothing but the truth, I believe it was the Holy Spirit that began, at that time to look out over the world, look at the sin that plagues this earth, (back then yes we had murder and killing, robberies, rapes, kidnapping, serial killings), but at that time we didn't have kids going on rampages killing dozens at a time in our schools. But now it seems to be an every day occurrence, whether it's elementary, junior high, high school, community colleges, now major colleges, wow what a sad sad world. Now babies being abducted from their very home, parents killing, or having something to do with their disappearances, toddlers, well its very sad.

We also had one of our worst days in American history, 9-11. When the very people we helped with our American dollars became powerful as well as a lot of other rogue countries who have the nerve to stab us in the back, turn on us all in the name of allah (yes little ( a ) because he isn't God). Isn't it enough that we have enough killing going on here now in our once great country, that we have to bring these people here, opening the door for all the sleeper cells here, so they can carry out their missions with even more fierceness. How many people can remember that great saying of a lady who ran this country for 8 years back in the 90's, who said it takes a village to raise a child. Heck I don't know what village or tribe she comes from whether it is the moabites, jebusites, sodomites, hittites, muslimites, canaanites, luciferites ?? But I am glad of one thing, praise the Almighty God, I didn't come from her tribe or village.

Friends we haven't seen nothing yet, but just wait. Just as the early Isrealites, who wanted a King to rule over them instead of God, (He granted it, He gave them Saul), you get what you ask for. I am not slamming our former President Bush, at least his heart was with America. Well America wanted a President of change instead of one with Christian values and a true American born American. Well the tribes got again what they wanted, a snake in the grass which they praised and worshiped, now they are finding out he ain't what he said he was all about. And friends just wait a few more days for the next round of HOG WASH coming out of Washington. Terrorists tomorrow, one world government next.

So what are they thinking about bringing these people here? The very ones who calls us the infidels, the great satan. Wow now if those words ain't of love I don't know what is lol. I guess as a whole we all asked for this mess even though we didn't elect it, so tighten your belts, open your eyes and pay close attention to our near near future. What were you all thinking ???

til next time this is jesseb's

Shalom and peace to Israel

May God bless each and everyone of us.

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