Thursday, November 26, 2009

Truly Thankful

Well I guess as everybody knows, today around America, we celebrated one more Thanksgiving. Ours was with just part of the family, wish it could have been with all, but when some live in Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Korea, and Arkyville, sometimes its impossible for all to get together. But it did not damper the moment that we gave thanks to the Almighty God, for our family, friends, freedom, soldiers, and His son Jesus. I don't know what everyone gives thanks for, but I believe everyone who had to eat, and those who may not of had all they wanted, gave thanks. The dressing was great, the sweet potatoes was great, the ham was awesome (not that I smoked it myself hehe) the store bought rolls was good, the cranberry sauce was good, oh no they forgot the cranberry sauce, now that's just unAmerican. But I guess the greatest thing about today was that we had good felllowship and there was no arguing. That's a miracle in itself. So I hope and pray that all had a wonderful Thankgiving and that all was blessed and ate well.

til next time and may God Bless


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