Friday, November 27, 2009


We go through life never knowing what tomorrow may hold, whether we'll live out the day or wake to face tomorrow. We rush through our everyday life. Most of the time it's one step forward, two steps back. We wake each morning as most do to a 8 to 5 or 9 to 5 job, seems like we see our fellow workers more than we see our family. To those who are not family oriented it really doesn't matter, but to those who are, it's pure torture. For most of us its rush, rush, rush, to others, it's who cares. As kids we watched our moms and dads have to shove off to work, and most think man don't they have it together, but deep down do they?

Do they live behind a mask that you as chilldren never will see til maybe it's to late. That those strong parents really aren't as strong as they seem but are hanging on by a thread, and at anytime, it could unravel. Sometimes in most families things are great, in some families it isn't, but who's the blame, mom or dad, dad or mom, mom or the child, dad or the child. The answer would be none of the above. In this rat race world we live in today, we somehow have to have priorities.

I have always been amazed at those who have their ducks all in row, that everything is lined up perfect. Then there are those of us who struggle each day just to have ducks. People say we are dealt the hand we have been dealt. And maybe we are. Not everything in life has a silver lining. What we as children dont realize is that it takes a lot to raise a family, until we have a family of our own. It is then that we find out everything in life isn't peachy. In life again I say we need priorities. what is yours?

As I was writing this a thought from the Apostle Paul came to my mind. Paul once said, "I must be all things to all men", seems to be such a busy statment and why do we say busy. Paul, even though he had Christ Jesus in his walk, but being the christian that he was, he had to be all to everyone, what ever state the people were in, he was there. If they were down, he was down, if they were lost and without Christ he had to lower himself to be able for those to see where he was coming from.

And even though he had to be all things, He keep his priorities straight. As we should in our lives everyday.

# 1 God first and foremost and everyday work to please him only.

#2 Family second and only second to God.

#3 work and what ever comes after that.

Friends these are the priorities we should have in our life everyday.

I truly believe that if we put God first and foremost he will surely make the time for you and your family and then he will bless the works of your hands. We so many times never set things in order, we watched our parents work themselves to death, and never had time for family, little less God. So, let us learn from their mistakes and set a few priorities in our life. That all may be good with you and yours.

til next time jessebs

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  1. You have written many excellent blogs but I think I have to rate this one the best after I re-read it. I know I for one am finally after all these long years and at this late age getting my priorities straight. In the past God has been #1 in my life many times but not all times. That has changed now. He is and will remain #1 in my life. You know the old saying, "when God is all you have, God is all you need". He isn't all I have because He has blessed me richly with loved ones, HOWEVER, He is most definitely ALL I NEED. Thank you and may God bless you Jesse. Tawana