Monday, November 9, 2009

With God all went well

Hello again friends, its me again the local Internet menace lol, I hope I'm not known as that. But again I have to give God the glory due Him this day. God gave us the opportunity once more to preach His word. It was great being in God's house once again and being under the annointing, it was glorious. After the shaking calmed down some, having not preaching for almost 9 years, the Holy Spirit did what He does best, Preach, again I have to say Glory to God in the highest.

God gave us the message to preach, "Let us enter his gates". Our text came from Psalms 100:4, let us enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, enter His courts with praise, again I have to say God was and still is awesome. To some preachers, preaching to 45 people isn't such a big thing, but this little church used to have if I heard right close to one hundred and fifty members, then you know how it goes, like any other organization satan slips in and divides and destroys. its been a while since that has happened but only by the grace and mercy of God will this little Church heal and begin to grow again. 45 people ain't all bad in the world we live in today.

God let us begin our message in the book of Ezekiel 37:1-10. where God lead Ezekiel into a valley of dry bones, and in the spirit God shows him heaps of bones. God commanded Ezekiel to prophecy over the bones and as he did so God caused the bones to come to life, oh yes an exceedingly great army. Friends we are living in a time when not only is this world in trouble, but the Church world as we know it is in greater trouble. Jesus talked about a great falling away of the saints in the last days. We've been preached for over 200 years that we are living in the last days, and we would have to say that it is somewhat right, because there were and still are prophesies being fulfilled today. I believe today more than ever from the studying of Gods word and research of Biblical history, Bible scholars, and ancient world history, that the Church world has been deceived into thinking that a secret Rapture will occur, and that people have lost all hope in faith not only in Christianity, but God and His Son Jesus Christ.

I realize that the rapture means { caught away or called up } but where are you going to? heaven ( God forbid ) Friends the only time your going to go to heaven is if you were to die and go to the grave, and your spirit goes back to the Father. Jesus said no man has ascended to heaven to the Father except the one who came from the Father, the Son. Friends, Brothers and Sisters, I glory not in myself, that I preach and tell you the truth and the whole truth but God will require your blood on my hands if i don't tell you the truth. I'm trying to make it onto the 1000 year reign with Christ Jesus and take as many as we can by the Grace of God, on which the second death hath no power. I do not count myself to be a doom and gloom Preacher, God is just, fair, full of mercies upon all that will listen and hear what the spirit says.

There are so many misguided souls out there and my heart and soul cries out for them, My prayer would be and is, that people would once again turn back to God and seek his true word. not something men thought up back in 1824 and was never preached by Jesus or the Apostles. Friends, No where in the Bible (being the only true word of God we have to live by, which has never changed), does Jesus say He was going to rapture his people or church out of here before the great tribulation happens. People tend to preach and teach that even though Jesus himself said I will come as a thief, but He did not mean to mislead Christians he came to save them.

Jesus was only saying to His children TO WATCH AND BE AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON, THAT IT DOESN'T COME UPON UNAWARE, AS A THIEF coming in while no one is watching so will He return. Jesus used two great examples of how the world would be and what shape it would be in when he returned, As the days of Noah were before the flood Matthew 24; 37-39 But as the days of Noah was before the flood, so shall the coming of the Son be, [ 38 ] FOR IN THAT DAY BEFORE THE FLOOD THEY WERE EATING AND DRINKING, MARRYING, AND GIVING IN MARRIAGE,until the day noah entered the ark. [ 39 ] and knew not until the flood came and took it all away, so shall the coming of the Son of man be. we didn't give every verse disputing the theory, But we can.

If anyone can go into the word of God and show me where the theory of the Rapture is and pinpoint the sure word of the theory, I'll eat my Bible, it may take awhile because there's alot of food to eat in the Word of God. I'll even go as far as to say this, I'll put my Bible up against your man's theory and Gods words will never fail. We sorta got off our subject that we preached last night, but the Spirit of God that is within seems to get upset about millions of people being lead astray and mislead. And please dont take my word for it, and don't bother asking your pastor, ask the one who will never lie to you -ask God the Father to reveal the truth to you before its to late, Pleaseeeeeeee I do beg this of you friends,

But as we said we preached last night, on Let us enter his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, friends, we need Jesus truly more now than ever. Friends, Brothers and Sisters. we need to go to the house were we can worship God in total fullness, with our whole hearts. we need to give him glory and praise ever day of the rest of our lives, before it's to late. so please consider the house of God that He places on your heart, and let the Holy Spirit move you in the worship of the Most High God. Serving God is only a small part of what we can do in return to Him who gave His Only Begotten Son, on a cross on Calvary.

well hope this make sense and will stir your hearts, not only to seek God's true Word, but also return back to Him while we may still find Him, and once you find Him, worship Him in praise and honour

TIL NEXT TIME may God bless you


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