Saturday, November 7, 2009

All in the name of ????

You know we wake up each morning to the precious breath of life. Many days we just rush to take a shower, have breakfast, our cups of coffee or soda and that's the way many of our lives start. Do we ever look at our loved ones and tell them just how much we really love them, or is it just a peck on the cheek and a mere love ya then we're off, to face the day. You know I have to say something about My God because He should be the most important person we wake up to each day. Did you pray when you woke up ? Did you thank Him for that precious breath of life He placed in your lungs this morning ? Or even say I love you Lord.

Every morning when we wake up we wake up to a totally different day. I may not wake up and right away tell him thank you for life, but I can say without boasting I do thank him every morning before I leave my home. It's just a small thing we can do for a Man who they hung on a Cross almost 2000 years ago. We find ourselves looking to the heavens at all of God in his splender, seeing the sun how it is set in it's place, the color of the trees this fall season and for letting me awake and He being my God.

But as we said we awake to a totally different day every day. Anymore, (not that it hasn't been around since the beginning of time, ever since Cain slew Abel), murder and killing seems to be a part of our DNA. You know it wasn't part of Gods plan for the world to be the way it is, but He gets all the blame because He created mankind. No one seems to stop and think who really is the blame for the way this world is today. We use the title of { all in the name of } for a reason. Our world has become calloused so let's blame God, because He lets all this happen. A lot of folks have no clue, who is really the blame.

No one seems to know about the war in Heaven. There were millions, hundreds of millions of angels, and certain angels had leadership of thousands of other angels, like the arch angel Micheal or the arch angel Gabriel. There was at the time one mightier than they, his name was Lucifer, he was with God before the earth was formed. Remember there was a time when this earth was dark and void and had no form, he was with God then and knew what God's true plan for mankind was. But Lucifer being the greater of the angels, along with his cohorts or angels he was in charge of, knowing God's plan thought an evil thought. (The first sign of egotism.) He knows all that there is to know about God, that God is a God of love.

After studying the subject- is the devil for real? He is literal. He, Lucifer, as we said a few lines up, along with his cohorts, (which are known as demons and unclean spirits), conspired to take over Heaven and the war was on. (which Lucifer and his band of followers lost). It says that God cast Lucifer and his angels out of Heaven and gave him dominion over all the earth. How do you think he was found in the garden of Eden? He is the very one who deceived Eve and Adam and got them kicked out of paradise. We see here that this was the first ever sin on earth to take place outside of Heaven. Rebellion, lying, deceit, and cunningness, the Bible says, that he has many names, Lucifer, the serpant, satan, shining star and so on and on.

Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge and knew right from wrong, and it followed through their seed, Cain. The deception in the garden of Eden was the first evidence of Spiritual murder. { SIN }. When Cain slew Abel it was the first evidence of carnal murder. So again we ask the question, { All in the name of ????.} When God gave satan dominion over all the earth, he was set free to do what ever he wanted. You see I really don't believe that it was in God's original plan for men or women to have to labor { or work }. It wasn't in His plans for women to have to go through birthing pains { or labor pains }. His plan was for mankind to be fruitful and multiply, and bring forth children who would serve the only one true God. So just who is the blame for the world the way it is today ????

From the way I see it, mankind has brought the world to what we know it as today. Everywhere we turn in life, we see killing, stealing, adultery, coveting { folks wanting more and more}. It's all about the benjamin's anymore, drugs, alcohol, it's all about how much more can I get while the gettings good, wars and more wars. We here in America fight more wars than any other country on earth, but there are different types of wars that we don't fight here at home, we don't fight the war on hunger, homelessness, education, abortion, or even the wars the Veterans have to fight in their lives everyday. We are a sad, sad people.

I know this blog is long, and if it bothers you for being so long, you didn't have to stay and read it, lol. Friends, growing up, all I wanted was to be a Marine, but because I didn't have an education, they said no, sorry we can't use ya. I didn't want to be anything else, Not Army, Air Force or Navy, they didn't seem to me to be tough enough. Please don't get me wrong, we are fighting wars right now over seas we shouldn't be fighting, we need to be here fortifying our borders against the evil which the Bible says-they will think an evil thought, let us go up against the unwalled city, and pilfer and plunder. Friends, there are only 3 countries on earth who will always stick together. None of the others give a hoot about us, all they want is all they can get from everyone. Guess what? Satan wants more also, your life, because he knows he can't have your spirit.

Friends, this world as we know it today, we cannot blame on God. Man, with help from satan has made it what it is today. But there is coming a day very, very soon, when God will take his vengence, on satan and all his workers. ALL the abortions, baby killings, raping, murdering, all those of riches and those who oppress those who cannot help not themselves, Every sin under the sun (not Son) will be addressed. Right now it's all in the name of satan, but soon and very soon it will be in the name of Jesus.

Let he who has eyes see and those who have ears hear,

til next time just tell God how much you love him everyday, because He loves you more

thanks jesseb

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