Sunday, November 1, 2009

Life in small town USA

For anyone out there who doesn't live in a small town under 4000 people, you ought to one day try it, I think that you'll find it neat. We moved from a fairly large town in Oklahoma which I always called siren city, because it seemed like 24/7 all you ever heard was either a police, fire truck, or ambulance all the time. we now as I said live here in a small town and it is great. Ozark Arkansas, there about 3500 people here and all in all its pretty quite here. Weve been here 5 months now and Ive only heard sirens twice, it could be that all the crime is on the other side of town lol, just kidding, but all and all it's pretty much like any place else, there's drugs here and alcohol, and the teens can be somewhat rowdy, heck if you read the once a week paper here it seems like every young boy and girl just about under the age of 22 has had there drivers license suspended. other than that all and all things are great here, When we left Oklahoma we were both sick and my wife is a little better, even though very little, and I still suffer from depression quite a bit, I believe we're going to make it I think. my neighbors say we'll find no help here and I begin to wonder if moving here was the right thing to do, But if God be for us who can be against us. Here in Ozark we have a mini walmart, a pretty large grocery store, (just don't by the pork) lol, no kidding on that one, got a fire department, police department and sheriff office, 6 or more bank's, 2 different electric companys, 1 gas company and 4 liquor stores and any church you can think of and man, I kid you not the cost of living here is wonderful. They have assistance programs to help folks with bills at times, they have a gleaning season here in arkansas to help those in need of food, Now I think thats really a cool thing, people helping people, Jobs aren't so plentiful here in Ozark, but there are plenty of jobs around the area if you really aren't lazy and want to work. Also the people are really friendly here and dont snub their noses at you, or haven't at me yet. we live in a sub division here and loving it, its good to be in a place where kids can still go out and play, There is always someone watching out for the kids here, thank God for that. You wouldn't think that in a small town of 3500 that there would be much to do, but theres always something going on here and something to do or see, so if you ever get to come on down to Ozark Arkansas and check it out come on down. I really think you'll like it in small town USA.

til we write again jesseb

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