Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Memory take me away

The reason why we titled this memory take me away, is that if skin -so- soft ain't helping my skin, calgon surely is not gonna take me away. I know, look at my gator legs lol. But memory take me away has nothing to do with DA skin. It's about going back to a happier time in life, well a little was good and a whole lot of the other, rough. I can vaguely remember a lot of my childhood, and sometimes I really don't want to remember much of it. I had a step dad that was in the military, and God rest his soul, but then again at times I wonder if he even had a soul. Oh well . But I had an uncle and aunt we stayed with at times when we weren't at my grandma's and grandpa's. That's when he was gone overseas. And I can remember some of the times when we could be just kids, even though that was only til about 7 or 8 years old.

But as I can said I can barely remember being at my aunt's house and it was pretty cool. waking up at six in the morning because usually we were on pallets on the floor. Uncle would come in on Saturday morning and watch television before he went to work. Uncle was an alcoholic, (and yes I guess I came from a long line of them), but I can remember watching the different cartoons back then and I look today, and can only say memory take me away.

What ever happened to Tweety and Sylvester, or batman and robin, what about tom and Jerry, mickey and Minny mouse, Pluto, Donald and daffy duck, the road runner and coyote, speedy Gonzalez, and all the good memories. Back when barbie and ken was in and ken was macho, or GI Joe. What about Archie and jughead and the gang, Josie and the pussy cats, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and I know I'm missing a lot of them, oh oh my heroes the three stooges.

Now a days its oxigons and boxigons, transformers, batman, (who doesn't even look like himself), the joker, riddler, penguin, robin, cat woman, woo woo, (just kidding), power rangers, anything that has to do with evil is what we see on today's television. Oh memory Oh memory take me away. Sadly enough they have taken and changed all the good for the bad. What about the stinking wrestling, laying around the living floor on Saturday nights and watching the Von Erich's wrestle, especial Fritz, or Wahoo McDaniel, kabuki, the iron sheik. the road warriors, Jake the snake, the junk yard dog. Now we got all the pilled up bunch of actresses calling themselves wrestlers, hogwash. Looking at the women wrestlers, ain't a one of them all natural, get what I mean. What ever happened, like Tim Mcgraw said, back when a coke was a coke the wind was all the blew, crack was cracking a joke and a spoon was a spoon. Oh what memories.

Then there was some we won't talk about much, because none of them are alive today to defend themselves, lol. About the times I would sneak behind the chairs and drink their beer only to crawl out from there to the middle of the floor and flop around like a fish outta water. ah the good ole days, But I can remember years back when having to quit school 3 years in a row to help support (should I put it nicely and say help support the family) or just go ahead and tell the truth, support my worthless, oops, stepdad. I shouldn't have said that on the Internet hi-way. I remember working on a Podunk farm to sell veggies at his Podunk vegetable stand, just to have 3 years of my life wasted on lost dreams and selfishness. I can remember 25 cent cigarettes. and 35 cent gas, wow those were the days huh?

And, (not to hurt any ones feelings who reads this), if only I would have married my first true love would anything have helped at all? we'll never know. Like that song little Texas sang ( what might have been ) no it wouldn't have worked either I screwed that up too outta respect and a drunken stooper. Alcohol does not pay. You know deep down, I'd like to have some of the younger days back and be able to rid my mind of a lot of the other. Like having the old cartoons back, and thats a shame because besides one other thing, that's all I would want back. Don't get me wrong, I gotta, soon to be, good wife, who was and isn't yet lol. 6 good kids and the juries out on 1. 10 great loving grandkids and the juries out on 1 of them too lol. They say it's not good to live in the past, and maybe it's not, but it sure sometimes relieves tension and stress just to talk about it. but all and all, Only with God and my Lord Jesus Christ all is good and to all for now good by.

til next time, God Bless
Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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