Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh no, where did he go.

Hello all, hope this finds all doing well. It's that time of the season once again, people are out and about getting together gifts and food in preparation for the day ahead. At this time in the blog we won't even give the day a name for the name means nothing any more. Let us remember one thing, blogging is about our feelings, is it not, expressing our views and thoughts. We have wondered for many years now why people keep saying let's put Christ back into christmas. May I ask when was He ever in christmas? When I was growing up we can't even remember a time at our house or at friends and families houses a sign of Jesus Christ anywhere, so why do we try now to put him back into it, shame shame.

As we were growing up we weren't a christian household neither was any of the others, except for my great great grandma. We were never lied to as children are today by telling them that there is a Santa, spelled differently (Satan). People as well as parents don't realize that waiting a long period of time traumatizes the kid, and causes distrust in the parents. Oh well I guess that doesn't matter anymore. its tough when the day comes that you have to tell the kids that all those times you were leaving those cookies and milk for Santa, was merely for you and daddy. Or when you took the kids to the mall to sit on Santa's lap that he really wasn't Santa at all just some jolly old man in need of money and a job that time of year.

You see even I, not being a bible scholar can tell you from reading the bible that there was only one thing to do, (only 1 ) the Lords supper and foot wash. He said, "as oft as you do ,do in remembrance of me", even though as oft doesn't mean every time you want. Everybody wants to put Jesus Christ back into a day He never was in in the first place, Everyone uses the excuse tjat Jesus is the only one not getting a gift, which is true Have you ever thought of how they are shaking their heads at the fact that they see billions of people every year go out and spend billions on billions of dollars to modern day Babylon. I understand in writing this that this is my beliefs and understand there is others that believe this way, and we're not trying to change anyone's beliefs, only God can do that. So instead of always saying let's put Christ back in Christmas, lets just leave Him out, He was never ever there in the first place.

He never celebrated it and His apostles and disciples never celebrated it. If you do your homework, it was celebrated many hundreds of years BEFORE Christ was ever born!! So keep celebrating the day, just leave Jesus out of it.

til next time jessebs

Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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