Monday, December 14, 2009

No Apology for the truth.

I have mentioned a time or to about being a preacher for almost 30 years now, and at times I hit on hard times and did things I am not proud of. I backslid and lost most everything. One person who never gave up on me was the Almighty God. But now God has given me one more chance to prove myself and by the help of the Almighty God we think we might have a chance to make it. There was a time (which I have spoken of a few times) when there wasn't anything We could not ask God for and he wouldn't do, to the point to where I thought I was invincible, I sinned as everyone does.

Well this time around its got to be totally God's will or we won't do it, and there's going to be those who are not going to fully understand, but that's the way its got to be. I hope that anyone who reads this will agree that, it's got to be God's will or no will at all. Jesus please be Jesus in me. I was reading a book from a guy who some have said some terrible things about, but when you preach and teach the real TRUTH of God, then you're going to face persecution from those who profess also to be children of God. This man grew up in a Sabbath keeping household which he hated because it made him different then his friends, and they made fun of him. He could never do any of the school plays, football, or any sports. Well, that's the way it goes when you stand for the truth. But at his young age he didn't want the truth, he wanted to be like all the other normal kids.

Not only did they keep the Sabbath, they didn't celebrate Christmas, Easter, or halloween, (or any dead saints day). As a kid we celebrated Christmas but to be honest with you, I cannot remember too many of them and I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. Well as I read on about this young man it brought to mind my own family, how as they were growing up, I had come into the truth of God, and I realize the scripture that says if a man puts his hands to the plow and turns back he is not fit for the Kingdom of God. Thank goodness that God is who He says He is, long suffering and merciful. Because I feel for the first time in a long time that God has totally set me free from my past sentence of death by sin and been forgiven.

I really don't know where I stand with my children, they may hate me for the way I brought them up in the word of God , I do not know. But I cannot and I will not apologize for what I believe to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth of God in which I an in no way ashamed. The bible tells us to train up a child in the ways he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. As I was talking to my oldest the other night she said a few things and she knows that it's not right. She said. "you know you did raise me." The next in line is trying her hardest to live the truth and having a hard time because when you are married to an unbeliever it's hard. Then there's my son, now I totally don't know where he stands on it, but I can only believe what the word of God tells me, that they will return to God and the truth.

Now, there is the wife, a pagan from birth lol ( just kidding ), who has served God on Sunday, (the day of the sun), and celebrated all the holidays, (not holy-days), then she began to seek God for truth, and wham, God, through the Holy Spirit, began to open her eyes to the truth about things she had done all her life. Friends and family it's not until you pick up the word of God and begin to read and study in sincerity that God reveals His truth. There is another scripture that says, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord", In truth, honor, sincerely, and in obedience we will, and if any has a problem with that, we got one word for ya, PRAY.

God is the greatest , put your trust in Him, you'll be glad you did.

til next time jesseb's

Shalom and pray for peace of Jerusalem

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