Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Brain verses the Heart (pick which one to follow))

In this corner we have the brain, it is supposed to tell the whole body what to do; think, smell and see, it is supposed to give us the ump to get up and go. It tells our arms to move, our legs to walk, and our feet to go along. In the other corner we have the heart. It is said that without the heart and its constant beating we could not even live. So what the heck, which is the strongest and which one do we follow?

Our brain I do believe, tells us everything we should do, right or wrong. But then they say, well you should follow your heart. But, here's the problem, if you do not have a whole functioning brain that will not do as it is supposed to without taking several different medications, then doesn't that bring us back to another problem? What right does the brain have to tell the rest of the body to do anything?

Then what the heck, when you have to take medications to keep your blood pressure down to cut the risk of a stroke or heart attack, to me a person in such shape is in bad shape. They say that all these things are treatable. Hmm, but are they? It seems that every day we read or look at an article that all the things that they give you to take are hurting the person even the more. They have put so many different things in the medications today, that there is nothing safe anymore. Still the Brain verses the Heart.

So I am at this dilemma. Do I follow my heart, are do I wait for the brain to kick in? We have heard all our lives that there is such a thing as Devine healing, and yes there is Devine healing and it comes through one person and one person only and that is Jesus Christ, God's only begotten of Himself. Now here's the thing, we have seen God through his Son Jesus do healing and fix many things. And he still does I believe. But it is totally up to Him, God, whether you get healed or not. He knows the circumstances around everything. He is all powerful, all seeing and all knowing. He knows the hearts of man, every animal every living thing. He is God and never changes.

God knows what every single soul goes through in their lifetime, whether it was good, bad or just down right plain evil. A friend in facebook posted something a few minutes ago and I have always had a problem, and it has always made me wonder, if something was to happen, because i can show no emotions, does that make me a bad, evil, hateful person? I guess in the future I will find out probably sooner than later, but i prefer the later. (Just because my eyes don't tear up doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry, and just because I come off as strong, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.) My Brain verses My Heart.

You know what's strange about it all? Everyone seems to know our brain and heart better than we do. And God knows my heart and where it stands, he knows it's desires, remember He is all knowing. But then again I will not use God. I have seen people over and over again use God and I wonder how many times will it happen til He says enough is enough? There is someone who I know who had slacked away from Church until they were hit in the face with reality, and all of a sudden it was back to praying and heading back to the house of God. All I could think was my my my. So...

Here I am again my brain fighting with my heart, and who, or should I say which will win? Well since it seems that folks seem to think that I can't make any rational decisions on my own, then it leaves me to follow my heart and believe what I think is right. There are sayings like "we can preach the word of God but we can't save a soul", "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink", and this one may be the hardest one of all: "You can lead a heart to LOVE but you can't make it Fall".

I don't know if this made any sense but I can only hope.

til next time this is jessebs

Shalom and pray for the peace of Jerusalem

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