Sunday, April 18, 2010

What ever works, or dont

I really don't know the meaning of what blogging is. I see a lot of folks use it for their personal use of trying to use to teach others a way to make money through blogging that when you go to their blogs and read and try and follow their instructions they make no sense at all, or is it a way for them to make money off you for trying to follow them or to cost American's money they do not have. Do not these folks realize that we are living in hard times? Oh well I thought blogging was supposed to be about different ideas, whether it was on sickness, personal feelings, up dates on whats going on in the world events today. I see nothing wrong with blogging about music, wrestling, Christianity, past tragedies, past drug abuses, divorces, sicknesses, and disabilities, automobiles, self helps, or even how you feel about things, and the list could go on and on and on.

I myself try and blog about what ever comes to my mind when it will let me blog, or even try write. Just about every thing you read about or hear about on the Internet as well as the television about scams that costs Americans hundreds if not thousand of dollars. that they did not have to be taken advantage of. I speak this from experience. We were needing help with our taxes to try and settle with the IRS for a lump sum amount. We went on the Internet and looked through hundreds of tax attorneys and look at all the BBB - bull crap ratings and found one that had straight A rating. Yes everything looked and sounded legit, the Folks were nice, sounded sincere, we agreed to a contract, that we would send them our taxes from a few years back, they would go over them make sure everything was OK and get with the IRS and come up with some kind of settlement deal. well not being the rich Folks were weren't we had to send them, so much money or give them access to our banking account, in which later we did.

NO THEY DID NOT RIP OUR BANK ACCOUNT OFF. But they sure took the money they said they would take, which was fine with us .They got their money and time kept dragging on we had the IRS threatening to garnish wages we did not have, and I have to say, they did stop the garnishment. Well we get a letter in the mail, also an e-mail from these same folks saying that that they had set up payment arrangements with the IRS , (we already had payment arrangements, we wanted a settlement)! Good grief people how stupid were these people or is it how stupid were we to trust such people? The stinking garnishment would have been lower than the payments they set up. OH does that sound like the arrangements we set up with these Folks? not at all. WE ask them to get a settlement for our taxes. then they had the nerve to send an E-mail saying we owed them still 50.00 or more dollars. jeez.

Well after 2500.00 dollars and a payment for the IRS, in which we have to pay almost s500.oo a month, I have to ask the question ? Doesn't it seem that all the Internet was set up so the rich screw the middle class and poorer and the rich keep get umm say rich. Friend I am not saying there are not legitimate offerings on the World wide Web, Heck there's e-bay and other trusted sites, Just be careful when it come to your hard earned money, Wasn't the Internet invented by --who other than the Rich? Friends don't wind up like me or us screwed, blued and tattooed lol. USE THE YELLOW PAGES.

WAKE UP AMERICA- I did -I think lol
til next time jesseb

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Shalom

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